The 3 Zodiac Signs Luckiest In Love, May 23 - 29, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Luckiest In Love, May 23 - 29, 2022

The week of May 23, 2022 - May 29, 2022 astrology proves favorable for three zodiac signs making them luckiest in love.

Which of the zodiac signs find luck in love this week?

The irony of the week is that it will be a pretty rough week for love and romance. If your zodiac sign somehow rises to the surface and gets to be called lucky, the lucky, you are because there are only a few transits here that promote love.

The signs of the zodiac that will be privy to the good fortune are Taurus, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Because this week may come with a little more conflict than usual, those who rise above do so because of personal drive and emotional stamina.

Luck in love will look like a reunion after a lover's quarrel or a partner's decision to bring back the respect to the relationship.

That kind of thing. Our luck in love this week depends on our willingness to create favorable situations with our partners. This week can make monsters out of certain people; rudeness and inconsistency will be noticeable.

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Those who escape the madness and competition of this crazy week will get to feel the peacefulness of not giving in.

This week is like a whirlwind; you either get caught up in it and get whipped around like a feather, or you simply say NO to it and make your life as happy as it can be.

Those who are luckiest in love during this week are the folks who would dare to say NO to the negativity at hand.

Those who survive the intensity of May 23, 2022 - May 29, 2022, will need to be tough to be the luckiest in love.

And that seems to be Taurus, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

This week will show you just how tight you are with the person you love, as everyone else in your life seems to be at war with just about everyone in their lives. You feel that you and your person have crossed a certain border, and in doing so, you feel that you are both now untouchable.

This sense of strength is authentic and based on truth; you have come so far with this person that you can make things work out even under duress.

You carry much luck in love with you during the week because even though there is so much negative Aries energy going on, you and your partner ride it like a wave, not letting yourselves get bothered by this negativity, which you both find utterly unnecessary. You are your partner have matured to the point where weeks like this are just "another week in the life."

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Self-respect is something you've never stopped working on. During this week, it's exactly what will spare you from the confusion and active hostility that seems to be the game's name. This week, you are lucky in love because you won't settle for anything less than the best.

No, you won't fight for it, and no, you won't be pushing for it at all. In your mind, there are certain functions for love; if those functions are not fulfilled, then there is no point.

You are always ready to walk away from any situation, and love is no different for you in this case.

This week lets you open your mouth and demand what you need; it also lets you state that you are prepared to walk away if necessary. The person who loves you sees this as a chance to honor and respect you, as they know you will do the same for them. This week brings out the mutual respect you and your partner have for each other.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

You may notice that several others in your life seem to be having difficulties with their romantic relationships. While you are always happy to give advice or simply lend an ear, you'll find that their main gripe has to do with not getting the attention they need from their partner.

On the other hand, you can't get your partner to stop tending to your needs.

While you aren't keen on showing this aspect of your life to others, you can certainly smile privately, knowing that somehow, the week's negativity doesn't seem to be invading your own space.

You and your partner are even more in love than usual, which could be due to your rebellious side; you see that everyone is in pain and feeling angsty. You make a conscious decision to be the person who hasn't affected this wave of nervousness. You're always an individual, no matter what; only, this week, you're a happy, lucky individual in love.

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