The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Prefer Friends Over Lovers During The Moon In Libra, May 12 - 14, 2022

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zodiac signs who prefer friends over lovers may 12 -14, 2022

Because our relationships with people fall into different categories, no single person is treated in the exact same way as the next.

As human beings we need connections; some are lovers, some are family members, some are friends or acquaintances, or simply just plain strangers.

We do not treat these individuals the same; we save a special kind of attention for each; and being that some of the strongest feelings we have for a person tend to fall under the 'lovers' category, that, in itself, can oftentimes be too much.

The world makes a huge big deal out of romance and sexual relationships, and honestly, not everyone wants sex 24-7. Sometimes a person just wants an honest sit down with a friend, and during the marvelously well-balanced transit known as Moon in Libra, that's exactly what we will prefer.

Friends over lovers today, thank you very much.

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Nothing like a good friend to shoot the breeze with; no obligations to fulfill 'later on' in the bedroom, and no inhibitions when speaking.

Moon in Libra sparks up the idea that maybe today might feel better if there were no romantic intentions.

Today brings on the craving for some good solid friendly conversation, because nothing does the trick like a good friend, sharing, listening, or being there.

The three zodiac signs who prefer friends over lovers during the Moon in Libra, May 12 - 14, 2022

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

When you have the Moon in Libra in your court, you feel at ease. You aren't hungering for passion, nor are you dying for drama. Today is the day you simply want to kick back with a good friend and chill.

You may have something on your mind that you wish to share, and you really don't want it to become a 'thing', in the way it might if you were to share your info with a lover.

You just want that hanging back feeling where there's no pressure, no one to impress, and nothing that says this conversation must end up with you, two, having sex. In fact, you aren't interested in sex today, you're interested in friendship and all that comes with it.

Not to mention the fact that you're not in the mood to use your body; you feel lazy and silly today and the only kind of person who can fit into your schedule is a friend. 

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

You prefer friends over lovers today because when the Moon in Libra hits you, you feel more like yourself, and in being yourself, you can admit that you're just not feeling the whole romance thing ... not today, at least. Maybe tomorrow.

Today, however, is for friends and easy-going sharing. Nothing like a meal between buddies to make your heart feel at ease.

This is what you've wanted; a no-pressure day spent with a friend who isn't going to want you to strip naked after the meal is over.

Not that that's necessarily what happens in your everyday life, but the point is, you're just not up for it.

You like knowing that you can pointlessly hang out with a friend. You like having no goal. You like knowing that today you can go somewhere with a friend, share opinions, and even argue with them if you so choose and it doesn't have to lead to something sexual.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

As a person who enjoys sex and intimacy very much, you are also someone who doesn't want to be known for the 'one thing' only. You are not a sex symbol, even though you may look like one. And while it's kind of fun to be thought of as the person who is the best in bed, you are actually more interested in friendship today.

Because sex is so important to you, you don't want to spend every single day obsessed with it; you want it to be precious, and during Moon in Libra, you'll find that time off from sexual relations actually makes the heart grow fonder.

And so, you give yourself this vacation because you need it. And though they may be banging down on your door, today is the day where the sign on that door says, 'closed for business.' You prefer friends to lovers today, because hell, you need a rest!

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