The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During Mercury Retrograde In Gemini May 2022

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zodiac signs whose love life improves during mercury retrograde may 2022

With Mercury retrograde in Gemini many of us might feel the sudden need to say something important, and what we say today could alter the course of our lifetime, especially where love is concerned.

This is the perfect time for love to improve. And, for three zodiac signs, relationships get better during Mercury retrograde.

When Mercury retrograde becomes official, there's a gap that acts as a breeding ground for positivity and possibility, and today, some of us may actually fall into that gap; and if we do, we can consider ourselves very lucky, indeed.

Love comes knocking during Mercury retrograde in Gemini for the zodiac signs who have been waiting 'for a sign'.

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Sometimes, that's all we need in order to feel about things; a hint that we're on the right track, or a 'sign' that makes us feel like we're not only NOT alone, but that there's someone out there — no matter where they might be — who is signaling to us, somehow, telling us that they are there.

Mercury Retrograde is not for everyone, but depending on what sign you are, it could be just the transit that allows you to walk away hopeful.

And so, for the people who've been waiting for something out there to make them feel like this whole thing isn't just a waiting game of hopelessness, this is the time where so much of that changes.

Hope is the game-changer, that is for sure, and for certain signs of the Zodiac, the game will be changed and love gets better. Whereas hope may not have existed only before, Mercury Retrograde brings with it a whole new set of eyes. It's a lucky time period.

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The three zodiac signs whose love life improves during Mercury Retrograde In Gemini, May 2022:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Luck in love looks like you have a decent conversation with someone you might end up caring about. This could be an already established friend, one whom you didn't consider to be a love interest until only recently.

In this person, you realize, you've got more than a friend; they seem to be there for you in your time of need, and you can't forget them for that. When you needed a friend, this person came through, and now, thanks to Mercury Retrograde, you are starting to see them in a different light.

Now, because they've proven to you that they can be trusted, you're letting your guard down a little, and as you do this, you start to feel more and more open to this person and their intentions.

They are leaving it all up to you.

If you want them as a romantic mate, then they will follow you down that path; if you choose to keep them as a platonic friend only, then they will respect your choice.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

What makes you feel especially lucky during Mercury Retrograde is the fact that your partner seems to be for real. You've given them an ample amount of time to fail you, and you've been pleasantly surprised that this person has consistently come through for you.

The rest of the month of May opens your eyes to this: this is someone who really has your back, and during Mercury retrograde in Gemini, you'll come to admit that it's true. This time period brings you the strength to push aside your doubts and just go with the flow of what this relationship seems to bring you — joy.

Well, look at you, Taurus, being all happy with your love life and all. What a difference it's been, considering all you've been through. This month is not where something 'happens' but it's more along the lines of letting that thing happen. Getting out of your own way so that you can notice how much you are loved by someone who you can trust, as well.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Similar to the attitude of Taurus, you, too, will be stepping out of your own way the rest of May, so that you can experience the love that so desperately wants to reach you.

It seems you've been holding someone at arm's distance; you like them, and you KNOW they like you back but you haven't been willing to give them the time of day, simply because you're not sure you want to deal with love and all the mess it comes with.

Well, this makes the 'mess' seem like a good thing, and letting love in may just break up the monotony of endlessly saying 'no' to it. In taking this chance, you open up your entire universe.

You had no idea it could be this good, and now that you have a taste of what love feels like, you want more and more of the stuff. Mercury Retrograde is lucky for you because it opens up your mind and softens your guard.

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