How To Know If You Like Someone As More Than Just A Friend

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How To Know If You Like Someone As More Than Just A Friend

Friendships are very dynamic and change consistently every day. Sometimes people develop deeper feelings for their friend and it can be hard to know how to tell if you like someone a little more than you originally thought.

If you ever feel like you might like your friend as, well, more than a friend, you might be afraid that it can ruin your friendship. If you don't understand what's going on, you might need to work on understanding your feelings.

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How to know if you like someone:

1. You always want to talk to them.

It's a great sign if you want to keep talking to them and spend more time getting to know them better. If their curiosity about your life is not unusual, then it is a good sign.

Also, If you have a male friend who is particularly interested in your love and dating life, there is a good chance that he might have the same feelings for you. If you're already in a relationship, a friend who is interested in you too wants to know every little detail about your relationship. 

2. You’re afraid to tell them how you really feel.

It can be uncomfortable to feel like you're starting to feel something a little extra for your friend, and chances are you're afraid to broach the subject.

If this was just a fleeting crush, you'd likely let it go. But if you feel like you can't continue on with the friendship with these buried feelings, it's a good thing to bring it up to avoid any potential resentments.

If you like your friend but don't know whether they think the same of you or not, don't be afraid to take a step. 

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3. You get a special feeling around them.

You know that feeling when you fall in love with a new person, want to chat and text with him, and buy a completely new wardrobe just to impress him? When you first fall in love with a friend, the symptoms feel similar, but there is an excitement that is hard to describe in words. But the feeling tends to be really intense when its someone you know well.

Men and women speak different languages when it comes to love and relationships, and they are not always on the same page. If you have a friend who notices a romantic connection with you and is more sensitive to your feelings than others, it may be because they like you more than a friend. When they are happier when they call you at night and talk to you is a clear sign that there’s a spark.

When you see these signs, you may want to talk about them with your best friend who loves you so much because they love you. Your other friends will help you continue to show that good friendships can turn into even deeper friendships.

You should also be aware that friendships that evolve into something more don't always work out, and these feelings might not always be reciprocated. Exposing your feelings for a friend can be painful and difficult because if they let you down, it can feel as if your whole world is falling apart.
On the other hand, many people often find themselves in the "friend zone," where they find it difficult to express their true feelings for someone who regards them only as friends. If you have strong feelings of liking more than a friend, then you are in a friend zone. 

The best thing you can do is reveal how you feel without having any expectations and setting your own boundaries where they will serve you the most.

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