The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Fall Apart During The Moon Square Uranus On May 10, 2022

zodiac signs whose friendships fall apart on may 10, 2022

May 10, 2022, brings us two strong transits, that when put together, tend to make us feel both rebellious and adamant, and for three zodiac signs it shows up in the area of friendship.

Those transits are Moon square Uranus and Moon in Virgo.

Between these two, we'll be standing our ground and ready to argue our point into dust. There's an "I won't back down" quality to this mixture, and with that as our main attitude of the day, we can safely assume that friendships may just come to an end.

But, as they say, everything is meant to be, and sometimes when friendships actually do fall apart, there's a good reason for it to happen.

Not every relationship is slated for eternal joy; whether it's about romance or platonic friendship, the simple truth is that people are not supposed to have too much to do with each other after a while.

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Moon square Uranus paints that picture clearly for us during this time. It's nice to have friends, but sometimes, they get 'too' close for comfort, and it appears that this is the time when many friendships come to their fated ending.

We all know that ending a friendship doesn't come easy, for either side of the equation. There will be hard feelings and hurtful words to dwell over.

And then, what looks like a failed friendship, over time, morphs into an easier state of mind; perhaps we got what we needed out of that karmic connection, and ending it was really just a natural move.

We may not be conscious of that today, but as time heals our wounds, we will come to know that days like this are meant to be.

Here are the three zodiac signs whose friendships fall apart during the Moon square Uranus on May 10, 2022.

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

There's a reason you are about to experience the decline of a friendship, and that is because you expected way too much out of this person. You have needs and you want them fulfilled; you choose friends to fulfill those needs, but oftentimes, you choose wrongly, out of desperation because you just want to be happy.

What's happening this week is that Uranus energy is messing with the plan, and this so-called friend of yours turns out to be using you for companionship.

While that doesn't sound all that terrible, it starts to unravel as you begin to pick up on the fact that you're not their first choice. Now that they have a 'better' friend, they won't be needing your services anymore, so to speak.

You've been used, Virgo, and now you are no longer needed. While it may sting at first, you'll be celebrating their loss soon enough. Love yourself. Trust yourself. If they are willing to let you go, then let them.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

You have been conscious for some time now that there's a friend of yours that you dislike. Why? Because, you feel they are beneath you, and you have a certain standard for friends, a set list of sorts that one must live up to or be banished from your life entirely should they fulfill your expectations.

It seems that someone in your life did something horrendously offensive to you, like cut their hair in a style they like, without asking you, and behavior like that simply won't do.

You want your friends to measure up to your 'cool' list and if you find that there's an uncool person in the midst, then out they must go.

You have no tolerance for friends who do things like make up their own minds or have talents that you don't have. Moon in Virgo makes you feel like the ruler of a dynasty, and your only words to friends who disappoint you are: Off with their heads!

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

May 10 does one thing for you: it makes you tired. Tired of people, tired of work, tired of your pets, although, they can stay as being tired WITH pets seems to work just as well. The thing is, you are legitimately tired and that's starting to rub off on all of your relationships.

You will try to explain this to a friend, and you'll find that they've got an entirely different agenda in mind; they don't believe you. They also believe that if you loved them, then you'd make the effort to see them.

You try to communicate the idea of being wiped out to this friend, but apparently, they are in no mood to hear you out, and they feel all you offer are excuses.

So, it is this person who dumps you. You may be tired and you may be justified in being so, but this friend of yours has no patience for the waiting game they believe you're putting them through, and so, you will get to see this friendship fall apart.

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