The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Courage To Dump Their Toxic Friends During Mars Sextile Uranus, May 8 - 12, 2022

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zodiac signs courage to dump toxic friends may 8 - 12, 2022

Moon sextile Uranus is not messing around; if there's a problem to overcome, then this transit means business.

Mars energy does not wait for excuses and does not hang out while procrastination is taking place. Nope. This transit brings courage to the weak and nerve to the spineless. If you have been wanting to do something drastic in an effort to wipe clean the slate of your life, then this is your moment; grab it.

This is also the best Uranian transit for shining the light down on the things — and people in your life that do not work for you anymore. That means toxic friendships and abusive relationships.

If you are someone who has put up with just so much and you feel you cannot tolerate one more second of a relationship that only ends up with you feeling bad, then it's time to trim the herd, my friends.

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It's time to take out the trash, and by the trash, we definitely mean the people in your life who are relentlessly toxic.

So, if we have people like this in our lives, then why do we let them stay? Mostly because it takes time to recognize true toxicity; it's like tea — it steeps for a while before we realize it's finally done.

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And not just that: sometimes these toxic people really WERE our friends once, and because of that slavish loyalty to the past, we feel that we may be too harsh if we just 'end' it all, point-blank.

Alas, that's the only way to go about ridding ourselves of their toxic resin — it must be plucked out from the root. Toxic people need to deal with their own mess; and this transit will give us the courage to finally put the trash out, where it belongs. In the dumpster.

The three zodiac signs who have the courage to dump their toxic friends during Mars sextile Uranus starting May 8 - 12, 2022:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

It's strange for you to think that there would be any situation where you wouldn't have the courage to do something, but believe it or not, you're not as hardcore as you'd like people to think, and when it comes to ending your relationship with a particularly awful friend of yours, you hesitate.

That hesitation has become a lifestyle for you, and because this toxic person in your life depends on your hesitation, they have ample chances to ruin your experience, and they do, every time they can.

You've seen this in action and you've been wanting to stop them in their tracks as they can be very abusive with you, and that's just unacceptable in your book.

During Mars sextile Uranus, your warrior senses will come to your aid where they will assist you in determining whether or not this toxic person gets one more chance to do you wrong. And the verdict is: guilty. No more chances!

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You're the best friend anyone could ever ask for; you're the one who comes through at the last second, you're the one who drives friends to the airport when they can't find an Uber, and you're the person who sits up all night consoling a friend. In other words, you're not the friend to treat badly as your value as a friend is through the roof.

During Mars sextile Uranus, you will single out one person in your life whom you have come to know as 'the user.'

This person doesn't care about you, nor would they ever even think to come through for you if you needed them.

Alas, you've come through for them countless times, and this transit will have you thinking, "Do they even 'like' me?" The truth will be uncovered and you will discover that not only do they NOT like you, they treat everyone with the same disregard, which in your world means "Get out of my life." Buh-bye, user.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

The thing that's hurt you the most in this life is your own naïveté. It's never been easy for you to think that there's anyone out there in the world who would actually go out of their way to hurt you. I mean, why would anyone want to hurt you?

Are people really that toxic and cruel? Yes, Sagittarius, they are, and while, thankfully, ALL people are not that bad, the ones in your life are, and it's time to admit it and get rid of them.

There's one person in particular, who really lies to you and just keeps on getting away with it. And why?

Because you let them, and you let them because you can't believe they'd lie. Yet, you've caught them in lies before, but you stick with that giddy naïveté and you think that somehow all will work out that way. It never works out and that person just grows in toxicity.

Being a strong Sagittarius, you are now ready to throw out the trash people in your life. Thank you, Mars sextile Uranus. The trash is now ready for pick up.

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