The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Is 'The One' During Mercury Conjunct Uranus On April 20, 2022

Regrets for the one who got away.

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"The last thing I want to be is an old person, filled with regrets." — Inception

What makes for a regretful life? Not acting on one's gut feeling, maybe. Not taking a chance when the chance is presented to you, possibly. One of the number one things that may lead to regret is passing up the opportunity to be with the person you love.

Why would we ever pass up such an opportunity? Because of pride, maybe or because we don't believe in 'gray areas'. This means that all of our choices are made in black and white: it's this way or that way, and no other options are available. When we live in black and white, we are on the road to creating many regretful situations.


One of them being how we split up with the one person who understood us. Our ex.

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It wouldn't be the first time that someone comes to understand that the person who is no longer in their life is the very person that should be in their life, today. And because we have some eye-opening transits, such as Moon in Sagittarius, Moon trine Neptune and Moon trine Jupiter, we may get a closer look at some of our more regrettable decisions.


In truth, for some, this set of transits will be upsetting, mainly because we will come to realize that because of one goofy move or another, we no longer have the one person that we love, in our lives anymore.

And so, it will feel as though that one away. Is there anything use in crying over spilt milk? We know that the person we've come to call 'the one' in our lives is no longer in our lives.

They are now called 'the ex' and every bit of that hurts. Were we so hurt by them that we can no longer hold a conversation with them? Did we leave the relationship in haste, without thinking it through? It's very possible. The one we left behind was...the one. Tsk, tsk on us.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Is 'The One' During Mercury Conjunct Uranus On April 20, 2022.

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


This certainly doesn't go for every Aries on the planet, but for the ones with whom this does apply, you are going to come to terms with a hard fact: Your ex is the love of your life. Egads, that's painful, especially because you've practically made a career out of ridiculing them and talking behind their backs about how awful a person they are.

And yet, you've never met anyone like them, and the impression that they made on you seems permanent; what to do, what to do? Because you have a strong and fierce Aries personality, you've definitely caused enough damage to make the situation irrevocable, and yet, you totally regret being so strong and fierce!

Why did you have to go that far out of your way to get rid of this person?

Were they really that bad, or did they just not suit your idea of what your perfect mate should look like? Face it, Aries, you made this happen. It's your bed, and as lonely as it may be now, you're the one who has to lay in it.


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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You've never stopped being in love with your ex, and much to the dread of your present partner, you also never stop rubbing it in their face. You've set up a life where everyone who walks into it must take a backseat to your reverence for this one person who is simply not there, at all.

They are, after all, an EX, and while your times with them were good, it ended up not working out, which is just fine.

It happens, and you, in your weird way, were fine with breaking up — at the time. Now, you keep this person on a shelf, as if the memory of them is this treasure that you need to show off every time someone walks in the room.


This is especially displeasing to the person you are presently with, and even though they find your idolatry annoying, they've put up with you. The person you are with now is truly 'the one' and yet all you can see is that the position of numero uno belongs to that one person from your distant past.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You are not an easy person to please, and because you are so demanding, finding that special person means that they are willing to put up with the idea of pleasing you. While that's a sweet thing to do, when it becomes a way of life, it starts to grate on one's nerves.


You found that person once; the one who was happy to do your bidding and become your personal slave to love.

And as fantastical as it once seemed, it's a tall order to find someone like that again. You lived in a fantasy world with this ex of yours, and because the fantasy was so delicious, it couldn't last.

That's life; nothing is permanent. Not even fantasy.


Because the relationship exploded, you both went your separate ways. They went on to learn new experiences and have no interest in returning to your world. You pine for them day in and day out. They are the one who got away, even though you commanded them to stay. Looks like those Scorpio superpowers aren't always in top shape.

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