If He's Really "The One," These 10 Things Will Happen In Your Relationship

This is how you'll know.

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They say that when you find "the one," you just kind of know. They're the one person who's never let you down. The one person you might even love more than yourself. They are a combination of everything you've ever wanted and needed in a person.

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But how do you know you found "The One"? Here's what to look for:

1. You trust them with your life. 

They know everything about you. More than that, they accept it. 


There is something to be said about the person who knows everything horrible we've ever done. There is something to be said about the person who holds our secrets with them not telling anyone.

They dance with the skeletons in our closets so we no longer fear them. These people are rare to come by so when you find someone like that keep them close.

There is a level of trust between the two of you that no one could shake. Even when people have tried you overcome every obstacle.

2. They're the best friend you want to grow old with. 

More than anything they're your best friend. Whenever something goes right or wrong they're the first one you want to tell.


When you're together you're genuinely the happiest, best version of yourself. You never stop laughing and smiling and enjoying sh*t out of one another. When shit hits the fan, they're your rock.

These people aren't just your boyfriend or girlfriend; they're your number one in everything.

3. They're the living definition of love. 

You've got an undeniable love for one another visible to everyone. When you find "the one," you look at one another differently. There's a light alive in your eyes. Suddenly everything makes sense.

The physical aspects of the relationship are moments you treasure. In a past life where you've had other relationships, there's something different about sleeping with this person. They change the experience in a way you could never go back to what you knew.


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4. They accept you in a way you never accepted yourself.   

What one of you lacks, the other makes up for.

Maybe you are the opposite in every way. Maybe one is an optimist and the other a pessimist.

Your differences fit together like an imperfect puzzle. But you're perfect for each other. There isn't any apologizing for being the way you are. There is only complete acceptance of it (even those things you aren’t always proud of).

Because people accept us when we find acceptance within ourselves. 

5. They are the driving force for motivation. 

They motivate you to be the best version of yourself.


Their encouragement allows you to grow into the person you're destined to be.

You used to think you were lacking something during your previous relationships. But now you realize that what you were missing was simply your better half.

6. Your values match and set the tone for the relationship. 

Whether it’s political beliefs or how to raise a family. You have a common eye for a future. When your goals and values align you're able to accomplish things together.

The best couples don't just appear magically perfect together. They look for people who value the same things they do. 

When you find someone with the same values you're raised on you take pride in introducing them to your family. You know they will love them as much as you do.


7. They respect you the way they respect their parents. 

Without respect, a relationship isn't going to last long and it isn't going to be healthy. There's no success without respect. 

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8. They're not afraid to offend you and be honest.  

Whether it's an unflattering dress or a bad haircut on their part — there's no holding back. You tell each other exactly what you think and feel because it's love. 

9. You two have faith in each other. 

There isn’t a thing they do that makes you question their loyalty. When you hear people cheating you know it’s because they haven’t found the right one. This makes you value them even more because you know how lucky you are.


10. It's about giving, taking, and compromising. 

They're that person you'd drive five hours just to see for one because they'd do the same.  

Relationships are all about give-and-take. It’s a 50/50 thing always. If your relationship were to be measured on a scale it would be even. You do things for each other and make sacrifices because you want to. 

Relationships aren’t always perfect. Fights are inevitable.


But you work through everything. When you found the one your life just wouldn’t make sense without them.

Once you meet them, not only do you want them in your life, you're unable to see your life without them.

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