3 Zodiac Signs Who Break Up During Moon Opposite Venus On April 13, 2022

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zodiac signs who breakup april 12 2022

Even saying the words, 'opposition Venus' sounds like trouble in the love department, and when the transit is Moon opposite Venus, that means that the trouble that may occur as a result of some deep, internal search.

The Moon rules our emotions, intuitive thoughts, and sensitivities, and when placed in opposition to the planet of Love, we can expect endings to happen. And so, we will know that during this transit, some couplings will come to an end.

While it's never a time for rejoicing, endings are necessary and given time to process them, they can become the gateways to new freedoms.

Breaking up with someone you once loved is never easy. 

But ending a relationship is one of the things that happen because of that fear of difficulty. 

We take too long getting to the breakup point, which means that we live in resentment for a long period of time.

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Part of the relationship we have with a person goes to bitter feelings and anxiety; this is when we know that we can no longer prevent the inevitable from happening.

There comes a time when a couple must break up; there is no other way around it. During Moon's opposition to Venus, we will see that day come to pass.

The Moon opposite Venus can be a lifesaver as well. Actually making the move to break free of someone you know is not the right person for you any longer is a statement of self-love.

Only you can know if this is the right move or not. Certain signs of the Zodiac will definitely 'feel' the timing on this, and will act on it, in order to save their sanity, and their lives.

There is nothing here that says we must be unhappy with our love lives in order to be functioning human beings. Life is here for the experience, not for the constant dread of being with someone we no longer wish to be with.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Finally Break Up During Moon Opposite Venus on April 13, 2022.

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Moon opposite of the planet Venus lets you know that you were right all along, and by this, it's meant that you had your suspicions about your lover and you were right; they have done the wrong thing, and in this case, you can no longer tolerate their behavior.

You've given them plenty of chances in the past to correct their ways, and you've let this person know that those chances do have a limit.

Still, they've pushed your buttons once again, and now, you can take no more. Your stoic Taurus side is self-protective and fierce, and you're not about to stand another minute of bad behavior. It's time to 'throw the bum out' so to speak.

This relationship has seen its last day, and if you let yourself admit it, you'll actually start to feel the freedom of this choice sooner rather than later.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You tried. That's your statement. And as short and sweet as that may sound, you truly have no more room in your heart for arguments or grand phrases of departure.

You have had it, and with the Moon opposite Venus in the sky, leading the way, you are one hundred percent complete with the idea of breaking up with the person you've been involved with.

This breakup has been on your mind for a while now, and you kept on thinking something was going to give; you held on to hope and look what it's gotten you — heartache and time wasted.

While none of this is fun, and all of it is painful, it's something that must be done.

You are the person selected here to do the deed; you are the one who must start the breakup, as your significant other has no need to change anything. If you want to change, then let Moon opposition Venus lead the way. It's time to end this.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

The last thing you had in mind was for your relationship to fall into such disarray that you can no longer stand it anymore, and yet, that's what's happened. And with transit Moon opposite Venus hovering overhead, you will be feeling the desperation all too heavily.

You and your person have not been getting along for a while now, but you both have been going along with that program that says, "We're together forever because that's how it should be." Well, nothing is as it should be if both of you are in emotional pain all day long.

There is no contract that states that you have to go through life together, even though all you bring each other is heartache. The day has come and you need to be strong. You will be breaking up very soon. Own it, and move forth.

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