If He Stopped Doing These 12 Things, Chances Are He's Falling Out Of Love

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12 Signs He's Falling Out Of Love With You

Love is not the only thing which is required to sustain a relationship. It needs commitment and adjustment.

No relationship is perfect. No matter how hard it sounds, it’s a true fact that not all relationships last forever, but if you can identify the signs of a dying relationship, you can prepare yourself for it from an early stage.

If he's stopped doing these 12 things, consider them warning signs he's falling out of love:

1. Giving you compliments on the way you look.

A relationship requires both emotional and physical attraction. In the beginning, they would tell you how beautiful or handsome you look but with time they really don’t seem to notice you at all.

Now, you finally got a haircut or wore a new shirt? They just don’t seem to have any attraction left for you anyway.

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2. Putting effort into making the relationship work.

It’s evident to them that the two of you will not be together anymore. They aren’t bothered about the fights and they have no enthusiasm left to resolve the conflicts. They have slowly started to accept the end is near.

3. Caring for you.

You have the feeling that they don’t seem to care any longer. You can get that vibe from that. Those sparks in their eyes are gone. The smile has faded away already. It’s becoming so evident that you’re getting a hint of it too.

4. Thanking you for your gestures.

They would look forward to dates. Now dates are boring and dull. You don’t get that warm hug when you bring them presents. You don’t get that infinite number of ‘thanks’ when you give them a surprise they love. Indifference is the only expression you get from them.

5. Communicating.

Communication is the base of every relationship. When communication starts dying, the relationship dies too.

If the two of you communicate rarely, it means that the spark is no more. Your partner lacks interest in talking to you and if they can’t communicate, they can’t live with you either.

6. Putting in effort to make you feel special.

They don’t treat you with your favorite food or gift you things you love. They don’t make any effort to make you feel special. They don’t care whether you’re feeling happy or not.

They have lost all the interest because they don’t feel happy with the relationship anymore.

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7. Acting regardless of the way you feel about their actions.

They don’t care if their actions are hurting you or not. They will do whatever they want and in the end, if they hurt you, they aren’t bothered.

They aren’t sorry for their actions because they have lost interest in you.

8. Giving you attention.

They don’t care if you had a bad day at work. They don’t care how you’re feeling. They hurt you without feeling guilty.

It doesn’t matter to them where you are and what are you doing. They don’t seem to invest their time in you. They have stopped giving attention to you.

9. Caring about getting attention from you.

They don’t react anymore if you don’t call them the whole day. They aren’t bothered if you don’t care for them at all.

It’s as if they have accepted your ignorance and they know it’s the reality.

10. Initiating conversations.

They hardly talk to you. They don’t care to talk to you at all. You are the one who always starts the conversations and they seem to be disinterested in continuing them.

The long conversations the two of you enjoyed have lost their charm.

11. Craving your physical presence.

They don’t crave for your physical presence anymore. They aren’t bothered if you are around at all.

They aren’t excited if you come and meet them somewhere. They tend to treat you like a ghost when you’re around.

12. Initiating physical intimacy.

Kisses or hugs ... forget them! Making out? That’s a forgotten past.

They don’t feel sexually attracted towards you anymore. The moment physical relationship comes to an end, it’s an indication the relationship will end soon too.

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