The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Saturday, April 16, 2022

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Three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes leave their cares behind starting Saturday, April 16, 2022.

As the Libra Full Moon rises it becomes clear that you are headed in a brand-new direction. The past is no longer needed here.

Everything that has brought you to this moment was a necessary step but if you continue to carry it then you will not be able to move into the future that you are dreaming of.  

In the early morning hours, the Libra Moon connects with Saturn in Aquarius, bringing you to the point of realizing that you are going to have to make a choice.

Either you continue to live in the past or you take that trepid first step towards your future. Libra is an air sign which means that it will encourage movement both in thoughts and in action.  

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When you change how you think about something, then how you react can change as well. Later in the day the Moon shifts into Scorpio deepening your feelings and connecting you more intensely to the changes that you feel already shifting your life in a new direction.  

Because Saturn is at play here there is also a theme around commitment.

Whether it is fully committing yourself to the life that you want to live or ending the commitment of a relationship in which, it feels the purpose has been completed, this Moon will bring up what that means to you and help you transition to something that feels more aligned.  

With the Sun being in Aries during this time expect that you may gravitate between prioritizing your needs and striving to find balance and compromise with others. This is the fine like to walk. Too much in one direction can leave you selfish and too much in the other could have you people-pleasing.  

If you can approach this Moon with the ability to set your needs first so that you can address those around you then you will find that it was never the commitment to anything that felt like it restricted your freedom, but the commitment to what was never meant for you.  

This is why these three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Saturday, April 16, 2022, feel these changes the most.

And for Aries, Libra, and Aquarius, that's all they have been hoping for in life.

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

Even though your annual New Moon was just a few weeks ago, this one brings an intensity that you can use to help bring greater confidence into your life.

Libra is your opposing sign, which means whenever this energy is activated it brings a sense of balance into your own self.

This means that you can see things from a unique perspective which can enable you to find solutions to situations that have felt impossible.

Libra also often activates focus on your romantic relationships. If things have been strained or if a big decision is looming on the horizon, then this would be the time that you would want to address it.

With Saturn being a part of this Full Moon, it means that you are being supported in doing a deep emotional dive and leaving behind anything that does not feel like it supports the life that you want to create, whether it is a job or even relationship.

By being able to embrace this Libra energy it allows you to feel like you are acting without being impulsive and that even if you are making choices that may not be popular, you are still able to see that it is for the good of everyone involved.

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2. Libra  

(September 23 - October 22) 

Your annual Full Moon is here, and it is bringing you a chance to reflect on just how far you have come since last fall. This was when a particular phase of your life began that was about making sure the people in your life would do as much for you as you do for them.

It is a part of a balance, and it is also about relationships that are reciprocal instead of only one-sided. By going through what you have for the past six months, both in terms of learning to speak up for your needs, having boundaries, and getting rid of those people who benefited from you not having any, you have allowed yourself to be ready for this new level.

Whether it is a new romantic relationship or just finally feeling like you are over the hurdle of trying so hard to grow, this Moon offers you a chance to catch your breath and to be grateful that you are no longer where you were.

It may feel like your pace is slowed a bit after this but that is only so that you can enjoy what you have created instead of feeling like you are always in that work mode. Because while you are wrapping up one phase an entirely new chapter is about to begin.  

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3. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

Saturn in Aquarius figures heavily into this Full Moon which means that you will get to reap the benefits. March was a challenging month for you that brought up a lot of old wounds and experiences for you to process and find healing in more deeply.

The ultimate purpose of this was to create more room for joy but it also was about seeing things clearly so that you do not miss how good things are by being conditioned to only see what is challenging.

This Moon is a chance to really separate yourself from all the lessons that March brought in.

Once you have learned a lesson, you do not need to keep carrying around the hurt that was a part of it. The lesson becomes a part of you and is weaved into your own soul, it is not a matter of keeping it around so you do not forget but trust that you never could.

Let yourself set down the weight of what you had to move through last month, so that you can take this Full Moon and realize just how much balance and beauty you have brought into your own life.  

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