3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That's Easy During The Moon Sextile Mars On April 9, 2022

3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That's Easy During The Moon Sextile Mars On April 9, 2022

Love is work, but sometimes it's not meant to be that way, and for three zodiac signs they will take love that's easy over complicated and troubled any day of the week.

For Taurus, Libra, and Pisces zodiacs signs, their love language is simple and straightforward.

So, when the Moon sextiles Mars on April 9, they know what they want — no drama.

During Moon sextile Mars, we will be able to clearly see what blocks us from moving forward and what allows us to be more productive with our lives.

This is a high-energy transit and it's not going to sit still; we will be affected by it, one way or another. For some this may look like a need to do some Spring cleaning, so to speak.

This is the time in many people's lives when they feel the need to 'trim the herd.' Friend's lists will be pared down during this astrological transit, and conclusions will be made. And, one of those conclusions will come in the form of a revelation: "I want my love life to be easy."

Funny to say it out loud. "I want my love life to be easy." If only the goal was as easy as it is to say. Yet, love seems to always come with so many complications. And we accept these complicated terms as if it has to be this way.

The Moon Cancer sextile Mars in Aquarius opens a door in our mind that allows for the possibility that maybe it's not such a farfetched idea after all.

Maybe, an easy love life is something that can actually happen.

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And so, with this in our mind, we may attempt to make our lives easier by researching what it takes to love someone without the hassle of complication and complexity.

Love itself is so easy, but it's the human personality that brings in all the drama. And while drama may have its place, it's better short-lived.

The Moon sextile Mars appeals more to certain zodiac signs than others, however.

And it will be during the Moon sextile Mars transit on April 9, 2022, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces want love that is easy.

Here are the three zodiac signs who really get in touch with just how easy they want to be loved.

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, when your zodiac sign comes under the influence of Moon sextile Mars, you can't help but want things to go smoothly, especially in your love life.

Whether you are with someone forever, or you've just begun a new love affair, you feel that there is no need for hyped-up emotion; you want it easy, and you hope with your entire.

Being that the person you are involved with wants it that way too. It's sort of a deal-breaker for you if they don't want it easy, as that can be interpreted as them wanting high drama and convoluted actions.

All you want is to fall into the arms of the person you love, at the end of the night; no harm done, nothing required, no repressed anger.

You believe that you can have this because this is what you are willing to bring to the table. And if you can do it, so can they ... hopefully.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

There's a good reason why you want it easy when it comes to love, and that is because you've caused so much damage in the past that you know when enough is enough.

You've learned your lesson, and in doing so, you have no intention of being the one who causes any further damage to anyone.

You accept responsibility for the pain you've caused and now you are contrite, Libra.

The Cancer Moon sextile Mars reminds you that you still want to love someone and be loved by them, but you are also wise enough to know that drama is not the way. Not for you, at least.

And so, you will feel the need to bring love into your life under one condition: it must be drama-free and easy. Can this be done?

Of course, it can, but it will need the active participation of both parties. Humans are aggressive creatures; it takes time for people to accept that 'easy' is the better way to go. Good luck.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 10)

Because your life is so intensely complex, with your job, your home life, and your ambition — you want ease when it comes to your romantic world.

This is one of the most important things on your mind, Pisces. You want an easy love life or none at all, and you are more than willing to stand your ground and get what you want for the sake of ease and fluidity.

You and your partner have been through the hard times, and with the Moon sextile Mars in the sky, you'll be inspired to do all you can to move past the hard times and work your way into the easy days.

And yes, you've been the cause for much of the drama in your past romances, but that's what life lessons are all about: personal growth. You've put in the time and now you know what you want: peace at home. Peace in your love life. Peace at work. Peace in general. Peace on Earth.

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