Take This Personality Test To Find Out What Important Lessons You Learned In A Past Life

Personality Test: Important Lessons You Learned In A Past Life

The idea of past lives is a compelling one, and it's not something that is exclusive to just one religion. Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism are just three separate religions that believe that we all have lived many different lives — and that we've got many more to come if we're lucky!

In fact, you don't need be religious at all to believe in the possibility that this isn't your first turn around planet Earth.

I, for one, am a very devout agnostic and even I will admit that when it comes to thinking about the notion that we've all lived many different lives as humans, as animals, as plants, it's hard not to get excited by the idea. After all, one of the most anxiety-ridden things about being a person is figuring out how the world works.

Surely, if reincarnation is real, we've all already got at least a little bit of experience in the game, no?

People who believe in past lives think that the memories of all our time being different people and things is stored in our subconscious mind. That's why the majority of people asked can't give you very much (if any) detail about who they were and what they experienced prior to the life they are living now.

However, remembering your past lives is something that is totally possible. In fact, there are people who, without any sort of spiritual training, can just naturally recall these lives.

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For those of a spiritual quest, very often the gift of the memories of your past lives is something that comes to you through practice, study, and serious mediation.

So, what's the benefit of knowing about your past lives and trying to remember them?

To those who look to them for spiritual practice, the memories of your past lives can be helpful when it comes to making big or serious decisions in the life you're living currently. Even if you aren't a spiritual person, the lessons you've learned in your countless lives can all add up to help you figure out problems that most people who don't know about their past lives would find utterly overwhelming.

While I can't speed you forward years and years in your spiritual practice, and I can't magically make you one of those people who just naturally remembers their past lives, I can help you figure out some of the most important lessons from your past lives with the help of this easy, free personality test.

To get to the heart of the matter, just look at the image that is pictured below. Pay close attention to the first thing that catches your eye.

Once you've done that, scroll down to find out what this personality test reveals about the lessons you needed to learn in your past life.

If you saw...

The Red House

If you saw the red house, chances are in your past life you spent a significant amount of time either living in a rural area or even working on a rural area, as a farmer, farmhand, or even one of the animals responsible for the tilling the land.

That might be a far stretch from the life that you live now, but that doesn't mean there are not lessons to be learned.

If during the course of your day you feel frustrated, annoyed or weary, remember that you know from your past life that you have the power inside of you to do amazing things.

You're a naturally hard worker who isn't afraid to put in the hours.

Do not ever despair: just dig in your heels and keep going. You know from your past life that hard work always pays off in the end.

The Grass

If you saw the grass first, chances are that in one of your past lives you were an academic who spent the majority of their time studying.

Knowing you, you were probably really good at whatever field you chose to conquer, but unfortunately, your pursuit of being the best in your field probably meant that you missed out on several familial and social obligations.

When you feel torn between work and the rest of your actual life, remember the pain of your past life working away with no respite.

Life is the stuff that happens when we aren't paying attention, and you had a whole lifetime to figure out just how important it is not to miss a moment.

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The Water

If you saw the water, in your past life you were either a sailor or a person who spent a lot of time near the water, be it in a house, or in a professional capacity like fishermen or another type of boat captain.

While you may not be near the water now, chances are you've always felt a very special connection to it, whether you've shared this with friends or not.

In your past life you learned in your time on the water that the ocean, much like life, is deeply changeable.

You know how important it is to expect the unexpected and to be prepared to deal with whatever mother nature sees fit to send your way.

You're a natural fighter, and with good reason: you know that constant awareness to change is critical to happiness.

The Mountain

If you saw the mountain, in your past life you were a great adventurer. It might not have been that you were a person who climbed enormous mountains, but it could've been exactly that too!

While the idea of you doing anything so outlandish and bold can seem daunting now, don't doubt for a second that in a past life you were a person who sought adventure and adulation.

Remember this lesson that you learned in your past life well: patience and determination are the key to any great undertaking. Don't allow failure to make you its victim.

You're a person of incredible power whether you know it in the lifetime or not!

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