6 Telltale Signs You're In A Relationship With A Diva Drama King

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Despite the feminine moniker, anyone can be a drama queen, regardless of gender. Self-absorbed people are one thing, but a true drama king doesn't just steal the spotlight — they'll create one if none already exists.

If there's no drama for them to immerse themselves in, they'll manufacture it. It can be mentally and emotionally exhausting to be in a relationship with someone that thrives on conflict.

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You can never let your hair down around a drama king because everything is the end of the world to them. No matter how inert the situation, a drama king will find a way to turn anything into a crisis.

And it's stressful. Most people don't thrive on conflict ... generally, quite the opposite. It's upsetting, overwhelming, and tiring. It takes a ton of energy to deal with a drama king, and it often is all for naught, as they'll just move on to the next molehill to turn into a mountain.

Here are six signs you're wasting your precious self on a person who cannot be helped:

1. Everything is a fight.

It's impossible for a drama king to let anything go. They gain satisfaction from conflict, so don't expect them to ever see past tiny issues that would otherwise be irrelevant to most people.

2. He blows everything out of proportion.

Hyperbole is like a second language to a drama king. Does he turn everything into a crisis? Does he meltdown at the first sign of trouble?

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3. He needs to be the center of attention at all times.

A drama king needs all eyes on them. They'll be the loudest, most controversial, try the hardest to be funny, or otherwise attention-seeking. Does he constantly talk over others or never let you get a word in edgewise?

4. He turns every conversation around to his perspective.

A drama king needs everyone's focus on him, so he'll be very reluctant to let others talk about their experiences, lest people think about another person for even a second.

5. He tries to one-up everyone's stories.

Related to the above point, the drama king will ALWAYS have a related, more exaggerated story to share whenever anybody tells one. It's all about bringing the spotlight back to him when somebody steals it.

6. "Everyone else" is an assh*le to him.

In addition to attention, drama kings also need constant sympathy and like to play the victim. It's a way of getting attention without seeming so rude and pushy.

We all know a person who just always happens to run into assh*les everywhere they go, or who acts like everybody is out to get them, or all their coworkers are mean. I mean, it’s pretty much statistically impossible for that to be true.

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