3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Go Back To An Ex During The Sun Sextile The Moon On April 7, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Go Back To An Ex During Sun Sextile Moon On April 7, 2022

Sometimes you just want to go back to an ex because you miss the way things were. For three zodiac signs during the Sun sextile a Quarter Moon in Cancer, April 7th, that’s just the way it goes. They want their ex back, and that's what the heart wants, too.

The Sun sextile a Cancer Moon is the kind of transit that puts us in touch with who we really are and what we want out of life.

This is a purely positive cosmic event, and it is up to us to take the good that avails itself to us and make the best of it. This is also the time when we realize our mistakes, and better yet — a time to understand that some of those mistakes can be reversed. Time does that to people; if we're smart and open, we can actually take a bad thing and make it into a good one. Enter: the Ex.

This is a Quarter Moon in Cancer, too, which makes us want what is familiar, and an ex can feel so much better than dating and finding someone new. You compare everyone to your ex when you go out. All the negative memories are disappearing and you start to think fonder about their quirks and annoyances. In fact, the ex is someone we never stop thinking of, in this case, and that is why certain zodiac signs would love to go back to an ex. This was the person who made us feel alive.

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To this day we cannot really grasp why it fell apart, but that's the nature of life: nothing lasts. Still, that doesn't mean you’ll reconcile or that things don't come back together again. A broken teacup can be mended, and with skill and care, it can be restored to a new version of its old beauty. So can this happen with an ex-lover? If it was once so good but fell to ruin...then it can be restored in a new way, and much better at that.

You want to go back with your ex, and you don't know how to make that so — but if given a tiny sign of hope, you'll jump on it. That is what Sun sextile Moon brings you: hope for a reunion. Not everyone can get this, as it is a dream come true for some. However, certain signs of the Zodiac will not only be wanting to get back together with their ex, but they will be doing just so.

3 zodiac signs who want to go back to an ex during the Sun sextile the Moon on April 7, 2022:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

The only real reason that you want to go back to your ex is that you can't find someone to replace them. You're needy in this department, Gemini: you want someone to take care of you, but it's you who has the wandering eye, and it's you who will take the relationship down via cheating or lying, or simply treating that person in a shoddy fashion.

You ruin relationships and then you want them back. Sun sextile Moon gives you the impression that you'll have success if you lay on the ol' Gemini charm and give them a big whammy of charisma to boot. You are hard to get along with, and whoever took the time to try should get an award for their efforts, but keep this in mind, Gem: no one is EVER going to return to a relationship with you. When you blow it, you blow it big, and even though you think you can charm your way back into their hearts, you can't. Point blank.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

In your world, nobody compares to your ex. You want to make up for that reason. And even though you and this person are long separated, you can't get them out of your heart. You know that your breakup was not exactly amicable, and that was mostly your doing. In fact, it was because of your poor behavior that your ex wanted out of the relationship, which came as a total shock to you.

You must have done something really bad to have them walk away from what promised to be such a loving relationship, but here's the thing, Scorpio: you learned a lot about yourself since then, and now you feel you are ready to try again.

The Sun sextile a Cancer Moon puts you in touch with how much you've changed for the better and now you are ready to try the 'new you' out on your ex. Will this person be open to you again? Will you be able to convince them of your worth and have them trust you again? We shall see.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 10)

Sun sextile Moon hits you like a speeding train: you want your ex back. You never took the breakup seriously and now it's time to stop with the foolishness and get back together. Your ex may not feel the same way, as they've grown past you, and they're not ready to invite you in again.

Nonetheless, you're used to that reaction from them and you will continue to try. The good part is that your ex knows this about you, and on some deep, secret level, they expect you to continue to try to get them back. This is part of the codependent relationship you once had: you play games and both of you pretend that you're not playing any games at all. So coy, so desperately in need of the other's attention and approval. So, go ahead, Pisces. Do what you do. Reach out to your ex and start the game up, once again.

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