3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On February 22, 2022

The scared flame within us will always be reignited.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On February 22, 2022 ESB Professional/Shutterstock.com

Today offers an energetically charged day, making Tuesday a great day for three zodiac signs. It is an incredibly auspicious day, and we all get a benefit because on February 22, the 2-2-22 portal ignites every zodiac sign's heart aflame.

The 2-2-22 reveals where we must go next on our path and shows us how to align ourselves to our inner truth.

No matter what zodiac sign you are, celebrate the ending of this unique energy portal which began on February 2, 2022 — the entire year will be special for you, too.


Today's energy is genuinely one that wants to remind you who you are to truly have the life that is meant for you.

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Today's themes represent an opportunity for play and fun. Life is not supposed to be one big struggle. On the contrary, life was made to be abundant. Everything meant for you freely flows to you — and will be fun.


3 zodiac signs who will have a great day on February 22, 2022


(February 19 - March 20)

It's no surprise that the sacred flame energy portal of 2-2-22 to 2-22-22 would end with fireworks in your zodiac sign.

Lucky for you, you get to make the most of this energy and the planetary action surrounding today.

There is a lot of unconditional love in the air, with Mars and Venus's embrace becoming tighter and tighter as the celestial lovers just do not want to let each other go. But there is also a shift coming in for sudden and unexpected moments, opportunities, and wake-up calls.

Besides the energy portal, and it is your birthday season, Jupiter and Neptune, both in your sign today, create a bounty of harmonizing and exciting energy to bring about paths forward. Your dreams are often so big that you are challenged to make them a reality.


Today's energy is all about putting together the best of your strengths to help you feel confident that what occurs today means something. It is about something even just more significant than you. While you will undoubtedly have work to do, when the universe is working in your favor, too, things just seem to come a little easier.

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(December 22 - January 19)

With all positive aspects today affecting your sign, it should feel like a giant step in a new direction. So much doubt would have cleared, and you should feel triumphant over your past.

The only thing that has been holding you back is the fear that everything will only turn out as it did before. With only Venus and Mars in their celestial dance in your sign right now, that is also the only thing you will have influenced your day. These two planets are all about love and passion, but they also represent the masculine and feminine energies within you.


Today's energy should bring a greater sense of balance, hope, and, quite possibly, even love. True love will come after you doubted life could ever get better. This is an important lesson for you because it allows you to remain focused on the future.

Life will always happen, and you will be asked to face your darkness before moving into that next level of life, but you also are always capable of it. The next time life feels dark, you are the light.

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(August 23 - September 22)

This will be one that will help you deepen that aspect of self-love for yourself and even for all that you've been through. Right now, with the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune all in Pisces, it influences the relationships in your life, which are not just with friends or lovers, but with yourself too. You are always deserving of love.


You are always worthy of having your needs met. You accept distinct kinds of love, though, depending on how you feel about yourself. This is something to acknowledge and think about because you are in a leap and bounds growth phase of your life.

Right now, as Jupiter keeps flowing through Pisces, you are going to be seeing opportunities and upgrades coming in extremely fast for you. There is nothing but good ahead; you must remember, though, that how you feel about yourself determines not just what relationships you choose but what you feel confident saying yes to.

So allow yourself to indeed fall in love with yourself, forgive yourself, and believe in all that is just a bud of hope because that is what determines how far you will go.


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