3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On February 16, 2022

Following your heart can be the hardest thing we ever do.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On February 16, 2022 Master1305/Shutterstock.com

First thing in the morning, we experience a Full Moon in Leo entering Virgo. The Full Moon brings clarity into our lives today. You discover whether you've followed your heart or settled for what was easy — and work for what we desire.

Venus and Mars are still dancing in their romantic connection today, helping you focus on whether you feel balanced within yourself and your relationship. 

Themes around what you need to feel loved may surface, which with the Moon in Leo will help you speak your truth to find a resolution. 


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Just be wary not to roar. As important as it is to speak your truth, you will be better understood if it's calm and coming from a place of healing. 

There is a bit of magic in the air today. You will see either in your relationships or in opportunities that present themselves. 


So think big, bold, and confident. 

3 zodiac signs who will have a great day on February 16, 2022 


(July 23 - August 22) 

Today your annual Full Moon is set to cause a few sparks in your life. Leo is the ruling sign of the Sun. It's the sign most known for following their heart at all costs. Early in life, this can be problematic as it doesn't always lead you to a place of eternal bliss.

But you are not the same person that you were. The growth you've completed the past couple of years has brought out an entirely different version of you. This means that you're also ready for an altogether different understanding of life. Today's Full Moon will focus on what you need to change within your life to bring in a greater sense of balance.


This might mean pulling back on work to explore a relationship or letting go of some alone time to incorporate a night with friends. Venus and Mars are exact today in their conjunction, which represents the masculine and feminine energies within all of us.

This Moon will enable you to take those steps to have your outer life now reflect what your inner self has grown into. This event could also bring some pretty juicy love moments, so stay open to what comes, even if it's different from what you expected. 

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(January 20 - February 18) 

This Full Moon brings you the chance to set down any worries about your love life. Great relationships aren't great every day, but they are always worth it. Because Leo is lighting up your seventh house of relationships bringing passion, joy, and fun, today is a chance to remember why it is.


Lately, it's felt as if there has been a lot of work and growth in your personal life. Not just in your relationship but also with yourself. You've probably even wondered when things will just feel easy, or at least like the heat isn't turned up so high.

That's normal given the planetary energy we've been moving through, but things are also shifting. As you welcome energy today, there will be a lighter feeling in the air. You may even wake up smiling. Work probably won't be something that you're excited about or that you rush into, but the rest of the day will make up for it.

So prioritize your own joy today, whether you're in a relationship or not. Be conscious about creating time or activities that are going to make you feel loved and uplifted. If unattached, there is a likelihood of meeting someone around this time as Leo favors bold moves and Venus and Mars are working their magic too. We're still building towards a grand finale of energy the last weekend of February, for today, though, a little joy can go a long way. 

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(December 22 - January 19) 

You might decide love is worth making time for after all. This Leo Full Moon will bring up all the ways that you're prioritized other things over love. At least the kind of love that people write books about is what you want. That is life. You have a career, family, friends, and your own stuff, so even if married or attached, you may not always make the time for it.

This is where the shift will occur for you under this Full Moon, and it's actually thanks to the celestial lovers, Mars and Venus dancing through your zodiac sign. It's quite a combination with the heart-centered energy of Leo alongside Venus and Mars coming together in a magical but very grounded connection. In many ways, you may be rediscovering what love truly meant to you.


Not just in terms of making time for it, which will inspire you to do. But also realizing that love should actually make you feel better. It should bring greater security to your life; it should enhance the work that you've done on yourself. So today creates an opportunity for you to make time for what really matters and find out just how good that feels. 

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