3 Zodiac Signs Who Need Freedom More Than Love During Mercury In Aquarius Starting February 14, 2022

For some, being alone is a wiser choice.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Need Freedom More Than Love During Mercury In Aquarius Starting February 14, 2022 Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

We are indeed part and parcel of this universe, and through quantum physics, we are all part of the same thread that makes up the fabric of life and its mysteries. As we are influenced by the weather, the seasons, the climate, and the time of day, we are also impacted by the stars, the planets, the Moon, and the cosmos.

And, for some zodiac signs, the need to have freedom instead of being in a relationship grows because of Mercury entering Aquarius on February 14, 2022.


Winter's freezing cold weather might make us feel stiff and cranky. This time of year may leave you less enthusiastic about getting up and going somewhere. Well, so too may a lunar-planetary transit. Mercury entering Aquarius creates a similar feeling in us — or one of the many feelings and reactions we humans tend to take on when we are 'under the influence' of astrological forces.

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So, when we have Mercury in Aquarius, we can weed out what is unneeded in favor of what is absolutely necessary. Mercury in Aquarius puts us in touch with the truth, and it also favors choices made in and for freedom. And for some, Mercury in Aquarius lets us know that we'd rather be free than involved in love and all of its trappings during this season.

3 zodiac signs who need freedom more than love during Mercury in Aquarius starting February 14, 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)

You're lucky to be on the other side of a broken relationship, and the healing has already begun for you. As you get more and more used to being on your own, you'll come to the conclusion that you really like it. Mercury in Aquarius worked its magic on you, too, it would appear, Aries, and this transit makes you feel as though you can do it alone if need be.

The scary part seems to be dissipating, and now, because of this transit, you feel like you're in a much better place.


You no longer see the future as one big loveless mess of nothing — you see hope, and you even see new love, but you're pretty happy to take your time getting there.

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(November 22 - December 21)

While you love throwing yourself into the mad maelstrom that is love and romance, you always — and I mean ALWAYS — take the breakups with a grain of salt. This means that there's a guilty pleasure you take in breaking up with someone because it secretly affords you your freedom again, and you always enjoy that.

Mercury in Aquarius supports your feelings of wanting to be single.


And not only that, it pushes you into thinking that just about everything is fair game and that you're an easy-going player who enjoys their freedom as much as they enjoy their partnerships. But, if you were to nudge it one way, you'd press towards the 'freedom' side because that is who you are. Free to the bone.

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(January 20 - February 18)

During Mercury in Aquarius, you will have the opportunity to really take a look at something that may or may not be the right path for you. And this path may very well include a person of interest, or rather, a romantic partner. Yes, it was nice while it lasted, and you'll never take anything away from that but being with someone isn't what defines you.


What you really enjoy best in this world is choosing who is suitable for you when you feel it is right to choose. And that implies that if you aren't into having a mate, then that's the way that goes. During Mercury in Aquarius, you'll choose independence over a partnership. Why bother doing what is expected when you can do it your way?

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