3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Luckiest In Love When Venus Retrograde Ends On January 29, 2022

Growth is uncomfortable but necessary.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Luckiest In Love When Venus Retrograde Ends On January 29, 2022 Photo by Juliano Ferreira from Pexels

Three zodiac signs are going to be the luckiest in love when Venus retrograde ends January 29, 2022. 

As Venus turns direct in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, she will bring good luck and big turnarounds for everyone, but specifically for a few zodiac signs who the planet of love is heavily influencing.  

Venus governs our romantic relationships, love, finances, and even our sense of home.  

When she is retrograde, she asks us to look at certain themes or situations in our lives depending on what sign she is moving through. 


Venus in Capricorn isn’t all about romance or big gestures, but she is about stability.  

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Since Venus first turned retrograde on December 18th we’ve been asked to reflect on the stability of our relationships as well as who and what we value most in our lives.  

Venus in Capricorn has provided the space of asking if those good feeling aspects of love were taken away like dates, intimacy, flowers, or even the cute little notes, would we still feel love.  

Or would we find that without that our feelings have changed or wavered?  


Now as she turns direct the testing period is over which means that it’s time to receive the rewards of our efforts.  

Once Venus turns direct while it usually takes a few days for her to resume her regular pace, we will be seeing a lifting of heaviness from our romantic lives.  

This will mean that conversations will become easier, especially once Mercury turns direct on February 3rd, and that we will now be able to make long-term plans and figure out everything we weren’t able to during the retrograde.  

Once Venus turns direct, she will then spend the next few weeks working her way back over the degrees she transited during December and November before finally moving into Aquarius in early March. 


During this time, we will find we may encounter similar themes as we did then, the only difference is now we’ve learned what we were meant to do so we can make different choices.  

This is the purpose of Venus Retrograde and the purpose of growth because as uncomfortable as it can sometimes be, it’s necessary to get to that next phase of life.  

Zodiac Signs Who Are Luckiest In Love When Venus Retrograde Ends January 29, 2022:


(December 22 - January 19) 

Whether it’s your Sun or Venus sign the past month or so has likely been a challenging one. With Venus hitting your first house during all of this it’s brought up a lot about the relationships that are in alignment with who you are. This also means making sure that you’re in a relationship that continues to foster your growing sense of self.


It’s not just about having someone to hang out with after work but making sure that the relationship you’re in is helping you create the life that you want to live. During the past retrograde phase, things may have been stagnant or just plain rough.

You would have been asked to reflect and look at the healing that you’ve done up until this point and faced triggers around your shadow side, abandonment, and even anxiousness or avoidance.

But now, all of that is shifting. You know you should have a clearer idea of what and who is in alignment with you which means you know what you actually need from a relationship.

Things will start to feel lighter and go smoother because Capricorn is a zodiac sign of commitment.


It could also mean that after this rough patch you may end up cohabitating or being engaged. Good things are coming Capricorn, it’s just a matter of making sure first that you’ve found peace with your past so that it doesn’t keep affecting your future.

But for you specifically, it’s also making sure you’re making love choices based on who you are now and the person you want to become rather than who you used to be.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

The past retrograde period has likely been a period of big reflection and growth for you as Venus in Capricorn has activated your seventh house of relationships. This would have brought into question for you how stable your existing or potential relationship feels.


While this can call into question long-term relationships more often, it also affects whether a new relationship feels like it has the groundedness and staying power to become something more lasting in our lives. In terms of stability, issues around alignment likely came up.

Not just in terms of the person that you and your partner are but also in how you envision your life and whether those pieces line up with each other.

This affects the overall stability of our relationship. During the past few weeks, it’s likely that there’s been some major clarity around what this means for you, and you are increasingly getting ready to start acting on it.

For you, it may mean a complete overhaul of your romantic life. Whether it’s ending an existing relationship or taking greater steps of commitment in a new one, anything is possible.


The biggest take-away from this retrograde is that you’re no longer on the fence about certain issues which means either you’re now able to fully receive the love that you deserve. The ending of this retrograde will bring action and also excited about what comes next for you and your love life.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 


For you Libra after the big life changes you likely made at the end of last year, you’ve still been in a period of figuring out what’s next for you now. This retrograde, whether it was your Sun or Venus sign, has lit up matters related to your home and family.

Because of this, the relationships that this would have affected most would be those that you would have shared living space with at some point. Whether it’s an ex that you needed greater closure with, a current live-in lover, or someone that you’ve been dating unsure about what the next step would be.

This retrograde would have brought up issues around what you need to be grounded and stable in your home and relationship. During this time, you may have been asked to deal with both your past and your current situation realizing that if something hadn’t worked out previously you might be more reluctant now to take that step and move in together, or even move somewhere new geographically together.

While it’s normal to go through situations like this, it’s something to pay attention to because we can’t ever make decisions for our future based on our past. Hopefully, during this, you’ve been able to make greater peace with it so that now you have the space for something new.


As Venus turns direct expect any feelings about uncertainty to dissipate if they haven’t already and to be sure of what you want the next step to be. Venus turning direct should bring some positive changes to your home, with the possibility of a pregnancy being one of them.  

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