3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On February 1, 2022

Magic happens when we get serious about what we want to create.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On February 1, 2022 Photo by Baraa Jalahej from Pexels

The tides are shifting once again and for the three zodiac signs who will have a great day on February 1, 2022, today brings a lot of promise.

We all welcome our New Moon in Aquarius, inspiring us to our biggest dreams more seriously so that we can soon make them a reality. Action of any kind has felt like it was difficult to come by in recent weeks thanks to all of the retrograde energy we had around us. 


However, that is beginning to shift, and we will continue to see that energy amplify today.  

With Venus just having turned direct after 40 days and 40 nights in the underworld helping us discover what is truly of value to us, we’re now gifted with a New Moon to help us change our lives so that we’re more aligned with what we’ve recently learned.  

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It’s not just our New Moon that represents a shift in our perspective today but also Juno, the asteroid that governs marriage, moving into Aquarius. 


Juno in Aquarius is about us recognizing that within every partnership there are two unique individuals on their own path, no matter how in sync or in love with each other we are, we’re still walking our own independent path. This means that sometimes we will have to understand that our partner has to work through something of their own rather than give their full energy to the relationship.  

We are still within the Venus Uranus trine that we’ve seen in the past week, so changes to our lives are coming, both within relationships and overall. This is a shift away from the old and into the new, but it is going to take work. 

During this New Moon in Aquarius, Saturn will form a tight conjunction reminding us that anything is possible but that we need to be realistic and diligent about working to create it.   This is the understanding that whether it's dreams we have about our love lives or even just our general path forward, we need to approach it seriously with the intensity of Saturn to truly make them a reality.  

With Mercury turning direct in a couple of days and the 2-2-22 energy portal opening, the time for action is coming, today though is about getting really confident in what direction we actually want to go.  


The 3 zodiac signs who will have a great day on February 1, 2022:

1. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18) 

This is your Moon Aquarius so make sure that you give yourself the gift of a new beginning. Reflect in your life on how it has felt like your sense of self has changed over the course of the past few years.

Who you were is not who you are now.


With so many planets hanging out in your first house of self it’s about making sure that the life you’re leading is one that is in true alignment with the person that you’ve grown into.

Juno moving into your zodiac sign today should help soften any relationship dynamics that may have felt stressed lately, allowing you to have a deeper understanding and respect for your partners' process in their own life. This can also positively affect your interactions with everyone in your life as it brings the reminder to not carry what isn’t ours.

While so much of the energy is about you reflecting on the alignment in your life, the close conjunction of Saturn and the Moon does bring a dose of reality too which sometimes is needed.

It’s not enough to simply have a dream or vision for the future, but we need to actually plan either by ourselves or with someone, how we’re going to make them a reality. And then it becomes so dedicated to it that we don’t let anything distract us.  


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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22) 

While so much planetary action is in earth and air signs right now, Aquarius actually lights up your seventh house of relationships which with Saturn hanging out there so much is bringing some much-needed new energy into your life.

Saturn moving through this area of your life for the past year has likely brought some tough moments and hard-earned lessons, but he also brings divine timing and that feeling of being in sync with the universe.

The Aquarius New Moon and Juno all joining here together today is going to be changing your life, especially the romantic sector of it quite dramatically.


Stronger, healthier relationships would be what you are moving towards right now, possibly with even some big commitments coming up soon.

Today’s energy for you is about saying yes, but first, make sure you’re saying it to yourself. Saturn here is about making sure that you’re taking love and those in your life seriously, instead of just getting caught up in passion or fleeting moments, it’s about truly being grounded in the reality of what you need and who in your life provides that for you.

After learning so many lessons about yourself and relationships today marks the start of a brand-new chapter, just make sure you allow yourself to fully receive it.  

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21) 

Today’s New Moon in Aquarius will surely bring some positive shifts for you in your life. With Aquarius lighting up your fourth house of home and family and Uranus creating several aspects in your seventh house of relationships, it’s time to see how things have already changed in your life.

Often, we become so fixed on what we want to change for the future that we forget to see that they already have. This prevents us from being able to go backward or even see things through the lens that we previously did.


Look for where you want new beginnings to occur in your home environment, whether it’s where you live or with whom because this is where one of the biggest shifts will occur. 

Together with Saturn, it’s going to require work, patience, and planning but under the energy of today, it should feel like you truly can make a reality anything that you want.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the path ahead and the work that is involved, but Saturn will help you believe that it’s possible to overcome and find success.

You are at the beginning of a big shift in your life thanks to the Node change into Scorpio/Taurus last month and that will continue until 2023.


Today though as Juno joins your fourth house, it’s time to truly start seeing things from a different perspective because your life has already changed in so many ways.  

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