3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That's Easy During Part Of Fortune In Libra Starting January 12, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That's Easy Starting January 12, 2022

What makes the Part of Fortune in Libra so special is what it brings out in us: selflessness. This is the time when we cater to the needs of others while finding joy and peace in bringing someone else happiness.

These are also times when life starts making sense, and we manifest that sensibility in simplicity and ease. There is no drama here; there is only the desire to make things simple, easy, without complication.

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In love and relationships, we tend to want to simplify our style, so to speak if we are partnered, we wish to continue on with our chosen mate, but only under certain kinds of conditions.

We recognize drama and lack of communication as the key factor in whatever might bring the relationship down, and we intend for a simpler way of going about things, by bringing all concerns to the light.

For those of us who are single, we present ourselves as simply people who do not demand much - other than respect. The Part of Fortune in Libra gives us the ability to remove the worst parts of our nature so that we may show people that we are easygoing and that we promise peace.

Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That's Easy During Part Of Fortune In Libra Starting January 12, 2022:


(September 23 - October 22)

Whether single or in a relationship, you'll be craving the easiness of communication that gets to the point. You have learned from past experience taking things the wrong way can get out of hand sometimes, and you've seen relationships fall apart simply because the two people involved just couldn't come out with their truth.

You no longer want to be involved with overly dramatic flare-ups and theatrical performances that end up draining all parties involved. You are one with the power of the Part of Fortune in Libra, and you feel it in your bones; whatever comes your way will be met with equipoise and calm.

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(January 20 - February 18)

You are so close to shutting down altogether when it comes to love and romance, and it isn't because you don't love being in love, it's because no matter who you get involved with, it always seems to turn into an over-the-top mess of arguments and nonsensical blathering.

You can no longer abide by this kind of drama in your life. You desire simplicity, and during the Part of Fortune in Libra, you'll see this all the more clearly.

It's a start, Aquarius. This transit will bring out your need for ease and peace, but it will not give it to you. That's what you need to bring yourself, now that you have been made aware.

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(February 19 - March 10)

The Part of Fortune in Libra works so well with your personality, Pisces, in so much as you work very hard to achieve a state of success...but what is success to you, in the long run? It is peace of mind. It is love and romance, but it is not immaturity and reckless arguing.

You're crossing into new territory; it's the kind of thing where you can't 'un-know' a thing once it's become real in your mind, and what is real, and very much on your mind is the idea of having an easier life, with a partner in it who doesn't stress you out. Now that you know what it is that you need, you can go for it, fearlessly.

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