3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 4, 2022

How we feel determines how we live.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 4, 2022 AstroStar/Shutterstock.com

Today, three zodiac signs will have a great day, and under the Aquarius Moon and luscious Venus Neptune sextile we will be feeling not only more alluring but sensitive as well. 

January 4, 2022 is starting off slow with only a few transits but those that we do have pack a big punch-even if it’s gentler like the one we’re experiencing today.  

With the Moon now in Aquarius after the first New Moon of 2022, we are feeling more prone to embracing all of our feelings even if they edge on nontraditional which is a shift from the energy that we had over the weekend.  


Moon in Aquarius brings out our independence, our humanitarian perspective, and our little quirks that make us all unique.  

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This serves as a reminder today to embrace our full and beautiful self, no matter how much it seems like we don’t fit in at times or even if it seems we speak a different language than those around us. 

It's a chance to take what we all learned from the energy being grounded in Capricorn and now mix it in with making sure the directions and the choices that we’re making are truly ours. 


While Venus is currently still retrograde in Capricorn and just four days from her rebirth as a morning star many of the transits that we do see will affect our sense of self-love for ourselves and any ongoing relationship dynamics.  

Today’s energy has us truly feeling ourselves and in the mood for love.  

If things have felt a little less passionate lately or you’ve been craving some romantic time, today is a great day for that as well.  

With the caring nature that this transit brings, it should also serve as a warm dose of self-care or for caring for others in our lives.  

It’s a chance to not just feel better about ourselves but to take that and feel like life is taking a turn for the better too.  


Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 4, 2022 


(December 22 - January 19) 

With there being so many Venus transits recently, it’s no surprise that today you are going to be feeling the love.

With the Moon in Aquarius, it’s also a chance to leave behind a lot of the heavy energy that you may have felt recently. While things have been feeling good there likely has been a lot of pressure to make the most of this time or to move through obstacles and opportunities with a sense of newness.

Today’s energy though should lighten any of that and bring you back to a place of craving what just feels good.

It should also serve to soften any recent arguments or difficulties so that not only will it feel like life is going smoother, but any relationships affected by the recent energy should return to a space of love as well.


While Venus and Neptune encourage you today to relax into yourself and not take everything so logically, the Aquarius Moon helps you to make choices and decisions that you may feel upset about the status quo.

There is a lot that will change in your life over the next month or so and while it’s all good, an important part of moving through it successfully is making sure that you are making the choices that feel good for you, not those that make others happy.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

You are riding a creative and love high that will continue through much of 2022 which makes this year better than any in recent history.


Today though offers a sextile between Neptune in your zodiac sign and Venus in Capricorn which will help with any relationship struggles you’ve recently faced.

If there have been important conversations or even just more distance in your relationship, today’s energy will help not only find a middle ground but also allow you to reconnect emotionally and physically.

It should also bring some positive ideas to you as well in terms of any creative endeavors that you’ve been thinking of recently. The thing is that this year isn’t just about expanding your love life but expanding your life overall thanks to Jupiter.

That idea that you’ve been toying with may very well be the key to creating the life that you want, and today’s energy will be just one step closer to you actually achieving it.


Anything related to the arts or even social media will be favored today, especially if it’s returning to an idea or practice that you’ve previously done but potentially abandoned.

Today’s energy is really about encouraging you to fully be yourself, which is the key to making all those dreams come true.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Last year was an intense year for you with so many things changing in your life thanks to Jupiter and Saturn both hanging out in your sign.

This year though is not so much about change but enjoying all the work that you’ve recently done.


Today’s energy not only puts you back in touch with your emotional self but also creates the space to reconnect to the parts of yourself that you may have walled up out of self-protection. 

Don’t be afraid to open today, whether it’s to embrace more of the life that you’ve created or even to a romantic partner that’s been in your life.

We don’t just do work and the hard stuff in life so that we can move ahead, we do it so that we can enjoy more of it. Today’s energy should return you to a space where you feel more secure within yourself and relationships which will allow you to also embrace more love.

When we go through a lot in life, we can become skeptical at being softer and allowing other people into places that feel vulnerable within us, but that’s also the only way to truly embrace love.


Today is a great day to schedule or make space for quality time with a partner, or if single, to schedule a massage or even a quiet night in doing things that you love.

Remember it’s those things that truly feel good to do which make up living a life that feels good too.  

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