3 Zodiac Signs Who Meet Someone New During The Moon Square Jupiter, December 30, 2021 - January 1, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Meet Someone New During The Moon Square Jupiter, December 30, 2021 - January 1, 2022

Jupiter has an enormous influence on us, and when our Moon is square with Jupiter, the influence equals hope, enterprise, and change for the better.

This is an extraordinary time, folks, and if you are someone who wishes to add to your personal joy by bringing in a new person. Your moment has just arrived.

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Several signs of the Zodiac will be meeting someone new during Moon square Jupiter on December 30, and for those signs, this happening will occur with open arms and a feeling of relief.

This new person is also very different than us, which is how Jupiter shows off its range; what makes for the excitement is in the fact that we don't know what they're about, and so we are curious and interested.

Moon square Jupiter provides situations by which you can meet someone new.

All you have to do is open your eyes and keep it positive; with this, and a desire to meet someone new, you won't be able to help it.

Zodiac Signs Who Meet Someone New During Moon Square Jupiter, December 30, 2021 - January 1, 2022:


(June 21 - July 22)

You'll be meeting someone new during Moon square Jupiter mainly because you put out your beacon and someone has finally seen it.

So, in your case, it's a matter of the effort you've put in to meet someone new, mixed with the good fortune of the transit, which results in what you want: to meet a new person.

You have come to know yourself, and you realize that you need 'the right' kind of people in your life.

It's no longer worth it to waste time in a relationship that is just mediocre; you want excellence. Well, you have to start somewhere, and it looks like Moon square Jupiter has your back on this one, Cancer.

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(August 23 - September 22)

What you'll have to do during Moon square Jupiter is deciding whether or not meeting someone new is what you want, or what you 'thought' you wanted.

Because it's happening, and while it might seem dreamy and flirty, it may also cause irreparable damage to your long-standing relationship.

Sure, we all have those moments where we question our ability to keep a relationship afloat, but you've been secretly harboring for an affair.

What happens if someone makes themselves available to you, Virgo? Will you go through with it? Because it does look as though you've manifested a new person into your life.

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(January 20 - February 18)

In your case, you weren't looking for a new person in your life, but there is someone who is very interested in you, and may start a new friendship with you.

This friendship could go either way, as in romantic or platonic.

Moon square Jupiter loves to bring friends together, which also implies that if this does swing to the romantic side, the relationship will be based on friendship, which is always a great thing.

Whatever the case is, you are in control, Aquarius; if you want someone new in your life, it's there for the asking. If you really aren't interested, then 'this too shall pass.'

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