3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 22, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 22, 2021

Today comes as a reminder for three zodiac signs who will have a great day on December 22, 2021, that the more time we create for what we truly enjoy, then the more we actually receive.

While there are no new transits today, we are now going deeper within the underworld thanks to Venus retrograde in Cappy which is making us reflect on exactly what we value and how much time we give to those things versus the obligations we sometimes get bogged down with.

Energetically as we near Christmas Eve it can be a stressful time where we are so focused on getting things done and ready that we often don’t prioritize what we simply enjoy.

But today under the Leo Moon we will have greater clarity and also passion towards doing just that.

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Leo is actually the ruler of the Sun but when the moon transitions into this sign it means that all of those feelings we have about where and within whom we’d rather become bubbling up to the surface as a truth that can no longer be avoided.

Adding to that is the ongoing Venus-Pluto conjunction and the Saturn Uranus square which are really dominating the energy that we’re all going through right now.

In Capricorn, things tend to work and happen more slowly than in other zodiac signs, but that’s because it’s also going to be something that’s more stable and grounded.

It’s like that catchphrase that we can’t rush to build something that we want to last forever.

With the first full day of Cappy Season, we are going to be keenly aware of what we need to do in order to start taking steps to build what’s on our hearts while the Moon in Leo is here to not let us forget what that truly is.

The last of the Saturn Uranus squares is officially on the 24th, Christmas Eve, which is what we’re building towards now and will undoubtedly make for some surprise events during the holiday itself.

The thing is though that when we decide to work with the universe rather than against it, the surprises that happen are often to create something better than we could have imagined.

This is what it means to make time for what we enjoy now so that as our life continues to grow, we will be sure that it’s one we are truly enjoy living.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 22, 2021:


(July 23 - August 22)

Sag Season might be over, but you are shining bright right now. You always come into your own a bit more when your sign is involved in a planetary transit because it puts you front and center, the energy you’re usually quite comfortable with.

But right now, it’s not just you that’s going to benefit from that energy, but those around you as well. Truthfully people need your light and optimism right now.

Even if it just comes across as lightheartedly celebrating the season. The two transits we have going on right now will be challenging most people, but for you, it’s like a dare from the universe and a dare is something that you never pass down.

While everyone will be flocking to you because of your joyous and full nature today, you can use it to your advantage to build up your confidence to follow your own heart.

This is something you sometimes overthink because of what’s happened in the past but with Venus hanging out in your sixth house you can trust that this time the decisions involving relationships and love are coming from a healthier space. If you’re waiting for your green light to make your move, this is it.

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(November 22 - December 21)

While we often think of our zodiac season being the best of the year, because it does mark the solar return we can often be faced with a series of tough realizations and challenges from the universe to do better.

This is especially true for you this year as the New Moon Eclipse in Sag on the 4th represented the end of a major cycle for you.

It’s likely that you’ve had to face parts of yourself in the past month that you thought were already dealt with but that puts you in the perfect space of possibility right now. With the first day of Cappy Season here and Mars comfortable in your sign, you now have a bit more balance in your life.

Add some fire energy of Leo into your ninth house of spirituality and you’ve got the makings of a time of great reflection and growth.

The Cappy Sun is here to help remind you that just because everything doesn’t work out as you planned it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make plans, to begin with.

The plans we make, especially if we keep in mind, they are flexible, are really intentions for the direction we hope to move in.

No plans equal no intentions. With that mindset we’re not sending out any directional vibration to the universe which means we can end up anywhere-even somewhere that’s not meant for us.

Embrace your fear of plans today and decide to conquer them once and for all.

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(February 19 - March 20)

After the Gemini Full Moon lit up your fourth house of home and family it’s no surprise that you’re trying to figure out exactly who is yours.

This really is part of our bigger journey of finding your community or even tribe as Venus in Cappy hits your eleventh house of the community during her retrograde.

Together with Neptune gearing up for a sextile with Mercury in a few days you are likely too quiet on the surface but have a lot going on internally right now.

This doesn’t mean that you’re not enjoying the holidays, but you are also paying attention to what others do when you stop speaking up as part of the bigger truth bomb that Venus and Pluto are delivering.

Even this ties into the energy with your fourth house though as you now realize you deserve people to treat you like you treat them, whether it’s family, friend, or even partner.

Today’s energy with Leo will lighten the mood and allow you to embody some quiet confidence and joy that will have you making the best of whatever it is you’re doing.

Your energy today will be quite magnetic as well, so you should be able to make plenty of time for what you enjoy and of course who you enjoy doing it with.

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