3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Week Starting December 6, 2021

Have a great week!

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have a Great Week Starting December 6, 2021 Dmitry Molchanov/Shutterstock.com

Bang! Hit me with the Capricorn Moon, baby, 'cause I want to have a great week!

Three zodiac signs who will have a great week starting December 6, 2021 are going to be looking at some good energy.

We're looking at many positive transits this week, from start to finish.

To make things great, we have Moon Conjunction Venus to back up our love lives, and Mars Sextile Pluto to make sure we get things done our way.


Capricorn Moon is what's going to get us through the week, and it's going to be quite busy.

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Good thing we'll have the guiding light of Capricorn to help us make sense of everything that's coming our way.

Moon Conjunction Pluto could be tricky, but we have so many positive transits on our side that there's a good chance any obstacles or adversities will not get in our way.

We also have Moon Sextile Mars, which could either make us angry or take our anger and put it to good use...which spells healing. And healing is what underlies the entire week, and is what powers its greatness. Prepare to let go of the pain, folks — it's time.


Zodiac Signs Who Will Have a Great Week Starting December 6, 2021:


(July 23 - August 22)

You don't need anyone to tell you that you're about to have a great week because you just assume that every week is going to be great.

Your good attitude is so attractive to others that you'll find yourself surrounded by friends who really want to get involved in something fun with you.

If you can control the situation to a degree, you'll be happy to oblige, but only if you can control things.

What's good is that everyone in your circle trusts you and if they sense you want to control the way things happen during the week, then so be it — it's all on you, and everyone is in complete acceptance of the way you orchestrate things.


Anticipate fun, movies, singing, showing off and being there for your friends, emotionally.

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(October 23 - November 21)

You're going to take that power punch of a transit, Mars Sextile Pluto, and push your way past any and all obstacles this week, Scorpio.

It's not anger that feels you, but righteousness; you believe in something and you won't stand for injustice. You'll be in your element during the week; fighting the good fight and getting results.

The satisfaction you'll receive from seeing your efforts work towards the positive will inspire you to press on.

Nothing can dim your shine and no one is going to try. Respect for you will soar through the sky this week, as your plans for success end up pleasing everyone you know.


You will feel popular and strong, and you will have a great affect on those around you. You are the number one inspiration this week, Scorpio. We're all counting on your brilliance!

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(December 22 - January 19)

You might start out the week feeling like it's already going wrong, but you'd be the one who is wrong there, Capricorn.

The Crescent Moon is in your sign, and that means that you cannot make a mistake. 


You just don't let things go without thinking them through, and if danger or threat presents itself to you, you know exactly what to do.

While you are in no danger this week, you are on your guard; work-related matters force you to be extra vigilant, but what makes this week such a great one for you is the display of affection and respect that comes your way, from coworkers and authority figures.

The respect you demand is off the chain. Everyone trusts that you will come through and that your word is your bond. You way what you mean, mean what you say, and you always get the job done.

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