3 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Worst Love Life During Mars In Scorpio Starting October 30, 2021

Oh boy, this could go any number of ways.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Worst Love Life During Mars In Scorpio Starting October 30, 2021 Nicoleta Ionescu/Shutterstock.com

Mars In Scorpio. Oh boy, this could go any number of ways. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how the planet of War, transiting through Scorpio, the astrological sign that represents intimacy and cruelty might have a rather...negative affect on our love lives.

On one hand, it might be just what we need to spice things up, and on the other, it may very well mean disaster.

And for three zodiac signs who have the worst love life during Mars in Scorpio starting October 30, 2021, it's not pretty at all.


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While wild intimacy and crazed violence might sound like fun-fun-fun to a serial killer, the rest of us may not automatically be on board with that kind of fantasy.

Not everyone is cut out for the wildlife, and Mars In Scorpio is not here for the weak of heart; this transit brings with it a real appetite for destruction.


Are you having trouble at home and don't know where to turn for help? Is your love life on the rocks and all it's waiting for is that final push?

Are you shy or inhibited when it comes to intimacy and vulnerability?

Zodiac Signs Who Have The Worst Love Life During Mars In Scorpio Starting October 30, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You'd think that you, of all people Aries, would be able to grasp the might of Mars In Scorpio and make it your very own, and yet - this transit seems to bring out something in you that is impatient and unnecessarily aggressive.

You want to fight. You want your love life to be upset, toppled - not because you want it to end, but because you want to be in control. You want emotions to flare because high emotion and danger make you thrive.


Mars In Scorpio is not about to help your love life. There will be no awesome seduction, nor will there be tender moments of raw vulnerability and the chance to learn more about your partner. Instead, you're going to take this energy and stomp on everything. You want your partner to pay attention to you, and you forgot that you have so much more to give than just pushy behavior and rough treatment.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

During Mars In Scorpio, you will overthink your love life to such a degree that you'll set yourself for major disappointment. You have it in your mind that you'll be able to use this extraordinary Mars energy for the purpose of healing and good, and yet, Mars In Scorpio has no clue as to what that means.

Get ready to rumble, because not only will your plans for love, sweet love NOT go through, they'll invert and cause you grief and heartache. You, Cancer, do not work well under Mars conditions, and when Mars is in Scorpio, it's like "Opposite Day" in your universe.


What you want, you don't get. What you don't want - you do get. So, if a happy, loving, blissful day of lounging around with your lover is what you have in mind - scratch that off your schedule, because today - it's not happening.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Tender, sweet Pisces - always getting the short end of the stick. Mars In Scorpio is just a freakin' laugh riot where you're concerned. You may have been setting up a nice romantic evening for you and your loved one - a big plan, the whole shebang, and a fabulous 'happy ending' to boot.

Oh, such good intentions. Too bad they're about to be foiled by Mars In Scorpio, a transit that does not bode well for those who want sweetness. Now, if you're up for manic behavior and betrayal - you'll have no problem manifesting that.


Still in all, this day - October 30 - is simply not cut out for the person who wants a peaceful, romantic night out. If you go ahead anyway - bring your armor. And don't forget your gladiator shield, while you're there.

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