3 Zodiac Signs Who Avoid A Breakup During The Moon Trine Jupiter Starting October 25, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Avoid A Breakup During The Moon Trine Jupiter Starting October 25, 2021

Anyone who has any kind of experience in the love department knows that it's not always easy, for three zodiac signs who avoid a breakup during the Moon trine Jupiter starting October 25, 2021.

We enter love with high expectations and it doesn't take long for reality to kick in this Monday.

Depending on who we are and how we understand our love lives, we might act on impulse when things aren't going smoothly - and that's what could cost us the entire relationship.

Then again, experience has it that we learn lessons from these hasty decisions - and sometimes those lessons are harsh and unkind.

Breaking up with someone isn't always the best way to handle our unmet expectations. Patience is the key, though so few people have the stamina to endure what patience requires.

On Monday, October 25, we will be hosting The Moon Trine Jupiter, which is a transit that works very much on our side, when it comes to things like rash moves, or impulsive decisions.

Jupiter's influence can allow us to see both sides of the argument, and when Trine with with Moon, we are given insight as to what we can do to hold things together, rather than sporadically rip them apart.

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If there is trouble in your relationship and you are one of the signs mentioned below, you may be able to avoid breaking up.

Zodiac Signs Who Avoid A Breakup During The Moon Trine Jupiter Starting October 25, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

You avoid a breakup because you want to avoid breaking up, it's that simple, which doesn't negate the fact that you've certainly thought about it.

What Moon Trine Jupiter presents to you is the ability to see the big picture. Is that most recent fight you've had with your love something worth breaking up over - or are you just in a snit, and you want them to feel the pain of your threat.

What you'll be experiencing during this transit is the need to regain control, of both yourself and the relationship. You feel like they have the upper hand, and thoughts of breaking up have entered your mind, because that's your only weapon, at this point.

If you threaten them with breaking up, maybe then they'll shut their trap and get back to the business of loving you properly. Let it pass. There will be no breaking up during this transit. Thoughts of it, yes - action, no.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

You've gotten yourself into a jam - you're with someone who is very supportive of you, and you're starting to resent them for it. They are incredibly kind to you - generous to a fault, and you're starting to feel like an indentured servant.

You hate the feeling of being owned, but Libra, you're not owned, you're just not coming up with your end of the bargain. Instead of hurting both of you by breaking up, put your pride aside and do some work for a change.

You are lucky they don't throw you out on the street. You don't get to break up with them that easily, because they are the one who holds the purse strings, and well, you like that - don't you? Sit yourself back down and think about it: they're nice - that's a good thing. Try being nice back. Don't break up. All that's going to get you is back out there searching for someone else to use.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You're about to avoid a lot of pain, Scorpio, and that is because Moon Trine Jupiter has your back. Let's just put it this way; you may be caught in a lie. Your partner does not like to be lied to, and there really is no way out of this.

The lie may be silly, or it might be weighty, but to your partner, a lie is a lie and that's not part of the unspoken contract the two of your signed on for when you started out on your romantic journey together. You'll notice that this all happens very fast - this is because the Moon transits very fast.

Jupiter is what rescues you here, because of it's ability to let you see a way around it. It might be easily resolved with a simply apology and a promise to do better in the future. Sometimes that's all a relationship needs: effort and compassion. You'll stay together, but you did avoid a close one.

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