3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 16, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 16, 2021

As we begin a new day under the Libra Sun and Pisces Moon, we will feel very aware of the pieces of our lives that we’ve tried to accept and make peace with because unfortunately no matter how hard we try, there are some things that will just never feel right.

Most of us are at a pause, a particular moment in time when it feels like nothing is happening although we know deep down that soon everything will be.

This can feel unsettling for zodiac signs who have a rough day on October 16, 2021, or even confusing as we know we can sense it, yet in the quiet of the night, it feels as if this is how things will be forever.

Our subconscious can fool even those who are on the best of terms with that quiet darkness of ourselves.

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This is the part of us that is always there to remind us that we can’t ultimately sacrifice who we are no matter how we might try.

On the journey to growth and greater consciousness we often have to traverse the darkness within.

The parts of ourselves that create spirals of doubt, fear and even challenge our worthiness.

It’s the path to recognize that just because we may have to walk through darkness to get to the light, it doesn’t mean that we’re ever okay with it.

For many zodiac signs right now, this is proving to be a challenging time where we’re either faced with lessons we thought we already learned or the opportunity to do better.

This is a test of trust. Of believing that things really are different this time and that while it may seem impossible, change is on the horizon.

During this time before Jupiter and Mercury turn direct on October 18th, and we celebrate the Aries Full Moon on the 20th try to get clear about what it is that you truly need and want. Be honest about what doesn’t feel good, what isn’t in alignment with your soul, and what may hurt your heart.

It’s okay if there are pieces of your life right now that ache no matter how much you pour acceptance and love into them because those are the pieces that are directing you forward into deeper growth.

Give them love, but also give them a voice.

Reflect and speak up on what it is that is weighing heavy on your heart right now because soon we’re going to be face to face with the opportunity for the conversations that we’ve been hoping to have.

It’s always just been a matter of time, and soon, that moment will arrive.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 16, 2021:

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

It's likely that the past week has been a little rougher than normal with Pluto stationing direct just after the new moon.

While the darkness is never a fun place to have to walk through, it does offer ideas and opportunities for growth.

It tells you about what you’re still healing from, what you’re needing from others, and what you need to create for yourself so that you can set the bar higher for others.

If it’s felt like everything you’ve thought you have gotten over has come back in full force the past week, begin with reflecting on those things that feel unsettled.

Journal about what is hurting your heart, what is confusing you, and what doesn’t feel right no matter how you reframe it.

Then take an honest look and see if these pieces of darkness are yours to carry or if they belong to another.

Sometimes in an effort to get all the work done, you pick up what is another’s to carry.

You take on the responsibility of not just healing yourself, but others and even the connection or relationship that is present.

This can ultimately lead to the feeling like you’re never making it through to the other side because there’s always more to do.

Make sure what you’re dealing with and working through is actually yours.

And make the choice to set it down, because there’s no way you’ll ever be able to make it into the light if you’re weighed down by the work belonging to those around you.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

It’s definitely been a rollercoaster of a few weeks with one day feeling amazing and on top of the world and the next feeling overwhelmed by how much is happening and changing.

Today’s major difficulty lies within the possibility of having some major arguments come up between you and another that is close to you.

Likely this would be in a romantic, friendship, or even familial relationship more so than just strictly career.

While this isn’t completely unheard of as we feel Mercury is slow to station direct as planets are always strongest right before and right after they transition, but you will be specifically affected as its current retrograde has been in your sign.

Look for those areas or relationships within your life that are already strained, that you’ve been biting your tongue on or holding back speaking your truth too.

These are likely the relationships that will be more susceptible to blowing up in the coming days.

While no argument is enjoyable, you can try to head them off by bringing up what is on your mind now.

You can’t control how another acts, but you can always control yourself and even if it’s a difficult conversation, it’s better to have it consciously than to say words thoughtlessly.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

It seems so much has happened that’s unpredictable lately, it’s hard to know what to expect next. Right now, as much as you’re skilled at helping others, it’s time to help yourself.

Although you may be used to grounding, it’s important to reflect on your thoughts and which are real versus which are just a manifestation of all you’re focusing on externally.

During this time make sure that you’re not placing so much emphasis outside of yourself that you end up avoiding what you need to address internally.

It’s sometimes easy for you to focus on your external world so much that you end up not having time for yourself.

Whether it’s your physical environment or even those people in it, you’re entering a time when you really need to focus on and help yourself first.

This means that the emotions or feelings of others have to come second, it means giving up the idea of thinking if only you did more work, then maybe things would improve. 

It means that whether or not you plan to be where you are right now, you’re here so now the only thing left to do is simply deal with it by dealing with yourself.

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