Why You Should Keep A Daily Journal

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Why You Should Keep A Daily Journal

Journaling is something that used to be pretty common a while ago.

I guess that is kind of a blanket statement assumption. But that’s what it feels like at least.

Back in the olden days, people used to write down and record everything. It’s a good idea though.

Why should you journal?

Recording things and writing things down is very beneficial. I think it’s underrated honestly.

People don’t take enough time to reflect on their life instances and moments and memories.

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Maybe you're like me when it comes to journaling. I used to write in my journal every day when I was younger.

Since I’ve been in college, I have been focusing on my life more and haven’t had or made enough time to write as frequently.

What should you write in a journal?

I usually just write about the important instances in my life. I write about things that I think I will want to reflect on or remember later in life.

I have come to realize just how essential and important writing in my journal can be.

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How does journaling help?

It helps to get your feelings out. It helps to understand yourself and your feelings about things that you go through.

You can go back and read through everything that has happened in your life before and how you felt about things.

There are lots of benefits to being able to go over your memories and experiences in life.

I know that when I write in my journal, part of me always hopes that somebody else will read it someday to be able to learn from it or understand more about me through it.

That person might be my husband or my children, whoever, I want my stories and mistakes to be shared with others enough to be able to help them through their issues or struggles in life.

Even if that isn’t something that they can take away from it, then they can understand me and who I am because of what I’ve gone through a little bit better.

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What are the benefits of journaling?

Journals are something that has been proven to reduce stress by letting out your innermost thoughts and encouraging you to unwind.

You don’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks or says about your problems. You can just vent about anything you want without judgment.

Surprisingly, journaling has been proven to also help with building up your immune system. It helps to improve liver function and lessen symptoms of asthma.

Writing in your journal is also beneficial when it comes to keeping your memory sharp.

It helps you to work on remembering everything that you’ve been through as you write it down. It improves your overall cognitive processing.

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Journaling frequently can help to improve your mood and make you more positive.

Social skills are able to be developed in a better way by getting to know yourself better.

It helps you want to get to know others as much as you’re able to get to know yourself through writing everything down.

One last thing that helps you with keeping up with your journal entries, is the improvement in the strength of your emotional functions.

Journaling helps to evoke mindfulness and keep a good perspective while writing. Journaling can help the writer to develop a new sense of confidence.

Journaling is something that I think everyone should take a turn trying out because it can’t hurt, it can only do good if given the chance to prove so.

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