3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 15, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 15, 2021

The tempestuous Aquarius Moon reminds us that we can’t move forward in life if we’re only looking over our shoulder at what is in our past.

With the Libra Sun guiding us forward and Mercury retrograde season coming to an end, we are encouraged to find balance and acceptance for the past that we can’t change which hopefully will bring us forward into the future that we dream of.

Libra and Aquarian energies can work together to provide balance and a sense of well-being, however, for some signs, it creates a discord between the emotions we want to feel and those that we don’t let go of.

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Right now, after Pluto just turned direct, we are facing a lot of truths about ourselves and our lives.

This is the planet that rules transformation, but also everything that swirls within our subconscious including the parts of ourselves that we may not often acknowledge.

With so much being brought up right now, we will be faced with one of two options; either we will find the clarity we’ve been seeking and with it be able to put the past to rest or we will feel unable to let go of that comfort zone even if within it, we truly weren’t able to grow.

The thing with the energy that is coming in today is that while it will be challenging at first, it also opens up a window of opportunity for us to be able to see what is actually holding us back in our lives.

Even if we feel fear, usually we all speak of growth at some point in our lives. Whether it comes after a brutal break-up, a lost friendship, or even the ending of a career.

However, as much as we may speak of growth, we don’t often realize that it will also mean growing out of relationships and situations that are no longer in alignment with who we are.

It’s similar to the years that we spent in school. If we had mastered a particular class, but still remained in it, how would we feel?

What would we do? Likely we’d become bored, we’d try to escape, we’d act out not because of the class itself, but because we had already learned the lessons associated with it, so there is no point in taking it over again.

This is what we go through in life and in love.

We enter into situations to learn lessons, to be challenged to grow so that eventually we can leave behind those that were only meant to come into our life for a season.

Today is about finding the acceptance to do just that so that you don’t miss what is waiting for you in your future.

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Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 15, 2021:

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

As you have moved through recent energies, there has been a great deal of healing available to you.

While this lesson or cycle has come around before, this is the first time that you’re truly able to see it for what it is.

The issue though in the past hasn’t been seeing something for what it truly is but continuing to when that means it leads to changes in your life.

Especially the outgrowing phase. But this time, it seems that you’ve passed a certain milestone when it comes to truly understanding a particular lesson or purpose of a person or situation.

The task though now is to not go back and paint it differently because your ego, heart, or even your fears about the future start to sway you from what you know is the truth.

At some point, you have to accept that you have learned the lesson because continuing to be in a situation where you’re hoping even unconsciously for a different outcome is what is preventing you from growing forward into your future.

It’s hard when dreams don’t manifest the way that we hope they will, but it only ends up hurting ourselves when we stay in situations that don’t truly honor who we are.

The truth may be difficult to accept, but it’s always better than a lie-especially one we tell ourselves.

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Aries (March 19 - April 19)

The funny thing about our subconscious is that we can’t really fool ourselves long-term. We may be able to avoid confrontation or arguments with others, but we can’t ultimately ignore our own truth.

For you, it seems you’ve been going through a transition the past few months during the peak of Retrograde Season and now as planets are starting to turn direct your bill is coming due.

While it’s normal to try and pretend that things haven’t changed and that you can continue on as you have been, you also know deep down that you’re unable to do that.

So, at this moment if that is the route that you’re taking, try to at least admit to yourself that you know it’s only temporary.

You can tell yourself that you’re giving time to fully process things.

You can be healing and work on accepting, even making a new plan.

But these are all very different outcomes than telling yourself that you’re not feeling anything at all.

Make sure to validate the new thoughts and feelings that you’re having so that you can continue to grow and trust yourself during this next part of your journey because more than anything else that is what you’re going to need.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You won’t be able to get anywhere new by doing the same old thing.

As much as you still may be hurting because things haven’t gone according to plan, and you’re still wrapping your head around what all that means, it’s still time to start looking forward.

If you’re feeling stuck or unable to move past certain dreams or beliefs about your life and the direction it would take, try asking yourself why you became so attached to things working out in a specific way.

Was it truly about a person or a life path or was it about what it seemed those things would provide to you?

And in that respect, it means you can try to give those things to yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy of receiving what it is you need as you have deeply come into your worth over the past year, but instead it’s about remembering that no one can give us something that we haven’t yet given ourselves.

You are worthy, not just of the love of others, but of yourself as well.

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