3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During The Moon In Leo, September 30 - October 2, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During The Moon In Leo, September 30 - October 2, 2021

Three zodiac signs whose love life improves during the Moon in Leo starting September 30, 2021, to October 2, 2021 feel the intensity like never before. 

This Thursday the Moon shifts into Leo. This is a time of good fortune, increasing the luck and morale of many under the zodiac.

While there is of course a flair for a little drama, the collective can expect to see improvements in regards to their love life.

This is a time of high energy. Partners and dates will be going the extra mile to impress the object of their affections.

Some may even find that they are feeling a creative streak and finding new ways to express their love, no matter how old or new the connection may be.

This Moon adds a little...spice.

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Physical intimacy will be important to many under this Moon as they feel the need to nurture a spark into a roaring, romantic fire between each other.

You may find that you are unable to keep your hands off your delicious partner. Your cravings are insatiable.

While Mercury in Retrograde is throwing a wrench into many’s plans, this positioning of the Moon in Leo is sure to shower these three signs with the affection they have been seeking. Watch out; Cupid may have an eye out on you.

Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves During The Moon In Leo, September 30 - October 2, 2021:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, under this Moon you are finding yourself falling in love in the blink of an eye. You will likely find yourself being swept off your feet by someone who comes by with a grand romantic gesture.

You may feel a sense of relief, especially if you’ve been stuck in dating limbo recently.

The connection that is heating up is likely one that is unconventional, making you question if what you thought you wanted was what you needed. As things spice up between you and your love interest you may lose touch of what you once thought was real as your daydreams become reality.

It is important to note that while you can enjoy the connection warming up, you shouldn’t make any long-term decisions on a whim. This is a time you could be susceptible to biting off more than you can chew and you run the risk of commitment before being sure.

The best part of this Moon is that for you, you will hear the confirmation from the person you needed to hear it from. There shouldn’t be any more doubt about where the relationship stands after this Leo Moon.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo, under the Moon in your sign you can expect all eyes to be on you. People are finding your energy to be infectious, and the one you wish to draw in will not be able to take even a moment to blink at the risk of taking their eyes off you.

You won’t have to exert much energy to draw in a lover. As the Moon enters Leo you step into a world of love and lust. This is a time to expect many to flirt with you or try their shot at a chance of knowing someone as charming as you.

Be yourself.

What is calling in your lover is the way you are naturally authentic and true to yourself. You do not have to dial it back for this attention. This isn’t a person who wants you to minimize your presence but rather amplify it as loud as you wish it to be.

You may have found in the past that you are too much for someone...even your potential partner. However, under this Moon, you can expect to be appreciated like the masterpiece we all know you are.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, under the Leo Moon you are transforming into anyone’s ideal partner. You say the perfect words to enchant admirers, you are showing your love in a universal language. You are absolute magic during this time.

You are expressing your loyalties; partners will be making long-term commitments to you. There is a likelihood of engagement and solidification of union. People will be pledging their commitment to you, especially after seeing how faithful of a person you are.

Romance is your birthright.

Life may feel like a Hallmark Holiday movie during the Leo Moon. Strange coincidences will be bringing you together to the person who has your heart. The love you are feeling these days is youthful, even reminiscent of your first time in puppy love.

Sagittarius, you are finding yourself to be the apple of their eye. Enjoy this attention as it comes to you. You can stop traffic with how luscious your energy is during this Leo Moon, so go ahead, show off what you have got.

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