3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On September 30, 2021

When life gets too much, we need to step back.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On September 30, 2021 CGN089/Shutterstock.com

As we welcome in the Libra Sun and Cancer Moon for Thursday, September 30, 2021, there is a chance for the zodiac signs who will have a rough day will feel the rougher energy associated with this astrology and will need to step back and shut down for a bit.

The Libra Sun asks us to seek harmony while the Cancer Moon opens a deep portal of emotions for us to wade through. Together this can lead to greater awareness and healing or the feeling of being so overwhelmed we need to shut down for a while.


Adding to the frenzy of mental stimulation and emotional overload are four different transits involving multiple planets whose sole aim is to help us soften our feelings and encourage intense connection and conversation.

But this may feel like just too much at this time, so instead of being able to rise to the challenge, instead, we shrink back and need time to rest and recharge.

With seven planets currently in retrograde motion, everything is feeling very intense, reflective, and even quiet. Especially as both Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn slow as they turn direct next week, there will be many moments that are heavy or even overwhelming as we struggle to make sense of the lessons that these retrogrades have taught us.


Often when we feel this internal shutdown, we try to power through.

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We try to keep our pace, as it normally is and to not let any of the proverbial balls drop that we have in the air. But to do that is to ignore our own personal needs. We need to take care of ourselves first, our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

As we begin to move through the rougher side of energy today it’s important to remember that this will likely be in place for at least the next week and to power through isn’t to be in the process.

Instead, it’s important to simply allow us to pause. To rest, to ask for quiet and take the time that we need to process both what’s happening around us externally and what we’re feeling internally.


In just a few weeks' time, four of the seven planets retrograde will turn direct which means that taking those steps of action and feeling more confident in our direction is just a short time away.

But in order to show up for others then, we need to step back and show up for ourselves now.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On September 30, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

When things don’t go as planned, they can often cause inner conflict and turmoil. It can feel as if life is overwhelming and often you get hard on yourself because you feel a loss of control. In this sense today could mirror these feelings, making you feel as if any effort at all is futile so why try at all?

Instead of taking this on as your truth, see these words for what they truly are, a call for help. Not necessarily because you’re heading down a dark road but because it means you need to retreat to your inner sanctuary.


The place where you can feel at rest and at peace not worried about anything outside of yourself. Come back to this space. Let yourself see that whatever hasn’t worked out recently has done so for your highest good.

Recognize that the more control we feel over our own selves, then the less we need to exert control in our external environment. Life will never go as planned but when we can find our stability within ourselves, then no matter how things may change outside of us, we will always be grounded.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

As a fire sign you’re an interesting combination of both passion and emotion, a trait you are not at all known for. But you are different from Leo or Aries, and it’s because of this you often need more time alone than most.


For you, at this moment, life has been overwhelming. Not in a bad way, quite the opposite, but it doesn’t mean that you feel able to handle it every step of the way.

Part of it is receiving, while the other is accepting that life will be very different than the plans you had. Sometimes you need more time than most to accept this truth. To be okay with what’s meant for you, being bigger than what you had planned. This is part of the process you’re currently going through.

It’s important to take this time for yourself, to be alone, to reflect, to think, and to be intentional about the steps that you’re taking next.

If you don’t in cases such as these, you tend to make swift, sometimes irreversible decisions that don’t correlate to the truth of your heart. So, step back now so that soon you can fully and completely step up.


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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

As an air sign, you’ve been faring better than most recently. With so much air energy prevalent, usually, this feeds your energy, and you find yourself more mentally stimulated and working even more effectively. But sometimes there really is too much of a good thing.

This Cancer Moon will work in some ways with the other transits occurring involving Venus as almost a roadblock for you. You can’t keep up your current pace, and deep down there could be some residual anger building at what you’ve recently gone through or become aware of.


This could lead to blow-out arguments, or you are making decisions that you think ultimately will bring you more peace, however, they are only temporary band-aids for problems that need long-term solutions.

Thursday will feel rough as it finally may feel like that wave you’ve been riding recently comes to a halt. Instead of feeling like this is a permanent state of being, look at this as a pause.

Reflect on what you’ve been experiencing recently, process any anger or frustration through finding what you’re grateful for within it, and give yourself the quiet you need to really rest so that when you are riding that wave again it will be as your strongest self.

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