3 Zodiac Signs Who Sacrifice Love For Their Freedom During Moon Conjunct Uranus Starting September 24, 2021

Some of us really do feel the need for freedom and independence.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Sacrifice Love For Their Freedom Starting September 24, 2021 andreiuc88/Shutterstock.com

Starting September 24, 2021, three zodiac signs who sacrifice love for their freedom feel the desire to step out on their own and not be limited by someone else - even if they adore them.

An interesting transit indeed, this Moon Conjunct Uranus, starting September 24, 2021... we should be feeling quite 'thoughtful' during it, as in 'living inside our own heads.'

This is also the kind of transit that takes all of our intense thought and makes it into reality. In other words, the time for 'thinking it over' is coming to an end; now is the time to make the change...for real.


In love, this may very well lead to endings that turn into new beginnings.

For zodiac signs, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, to sacrifice love for their freedom is of utmost importance.

Not everyone is cut out for committed relationships, and some of us really do feel the need for freedom and independence.

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Uranus has a tendency to impart impulsiveness, although, in Conjunct with the Moon, it is more along the lines of being an impetus for change.

This is also the time to listen to that inner voice. If freedom calls, and it means you need to walk away from a relationship that might very well be a loving one - then so be it.

You must follow your heart. And when Moon Conjunct Uranus is up there affecting our behavior, we can guide our own selves to a better place - and sometimes that place doesn't have anything to do with being in a romantic relationship.

Which signs will sacrifice love for freedom during Moon Conjunct Uranus?

Zodiac signs who sacrifice love for freedom during Moon conjunct Uranus starting September 24, 2021:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You will be feeling particularly intuitive during Moon Conjunct Uranus, and this will open up the door to new thinking for you.


Suddenly, you may have the idea that you could do better - in your relationship. Thinking like this may have a snowball effect on you; one minute you consider breaking up as an option, and in the next moment, you're out the door.

And why? Because you feel you haven't done certain things that you know are necessary to your well-being, and within the relationship that you are presently in, you don't believe you can achieve those things.

You are not one to overstay your visit, and that is exactly how you may come to perceive the relationship you're presently in: something you visited and now must leave.

You need and crave your freedom; you want the wind in your hair and the wide road ahead. And - you want it alone.


It's for you, alone - this has nothing to do with your romantic happiness, and all to do with your need for exploration and independence. This is your break-out moment, and it is up to you to stay...or go, go, go.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

One of the main reasons you may want to split, even though you are probably deeply involved with another person, is because you feel creatively sunken.

While you may love your partner very much, you have allowed the relationship to suck all of your energy out, leaving you with nothing but dedication to the romance and very little for anything else. You need to get back to creating; you have been suffering, and all because you're too damned nice to say anything about it.


That's you, Libra - sweet-natured and kind, but always end up hurting your own self so that others don't make the mistake of thinking of you as selfish.

And yet, you want that selfish situation; you want to create, to write, to make art, to explore science - whatever it is, you haven't been a part of the great love of your life in so long, and that 'great love' is not a person. It's a way.

It's you being involved, on your own, in your own thing, your own universe. You crave this like nothing else, and this transit is going to wake you up so hard, you may just blaze a trail right out the door.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

As much as you love the routine and the 'laws' of a relationship, you also can't stay in one place for too long...even if that one place is a person you love, trust and have built a life with.

You don't want to hurt your person, but you have ended up sacrificing your entire life for that person...much to your chagrin.

You do not like the person you've become, and it's all because you have compromised too much - for them. Are they worth it?


Of course, they are, and the love is as real as it gets...yet, it doesn't give you that last little ingredient: freedom. And freedom is worth fighting for.

In fact, it's now or never - if you don't break free and sacrifice love for independence, you might end up stuck and in a rut, where you just resent your partner for the rest of your life.

Yes, you dig the status quo, but if the standard is one where you have to suffer just to keep another person happy, then it really isn't a worthwhile investment of your time.

You, Capricorn, during Moon Conjunct Uranus in Taurus, will feel the need to flee your relationship so that you can finally find your own happiness.


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