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Waiting For Someone Else To Make You Happy Is The Best Way To Be Sad

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Finding happiness completely on your own is easier said than done.

Once you've felt the pure joy of being in love, it seems almost impossible that you can mimic that within yourself. And the truth is, you can't. 

Relationships provide a temporary kind of happy that only happens when you're with someone you're really into (and they're not currently pissing you off). Though it's fleeting and unsustainable, it's something we're all looking for.

And there's nothing wrong with that. 


The danger only comes when you believe that romantic relationships are the only providers of happiness out there. You place the other person on a pedestal and overlook red flags because you think that being single means losing the battle. 

But there is happiness to be found in being alone. 

No, it's not the stomach-dropping, googly eyes we're used to having when we're in love, but it's something much stronger and much more reliable. 

When you let go of the idea that you need a relationship to be happy, you make room for the things you can actually count on to get you in a good mood.

Rather than having just one source of joy, you've got five, 10 or even 20. 


And while you're out there discovering all the little things that make you happy, you're actually building a foundation that a real relationship can live on.

You're creating an identity, and you're learning that personal happiness is something only you should control. 

The most important part of being single, is finding out how to be whole and happy on your own.

So when you do find that other person, you welcome them into your life as an addition to your happiness — not the whole equation.