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These Zodiac Couples Have The Absolute Worst Breakups

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Everybody handles a breakup in their own way. Sometimes people are content to just end all contact with their ex, while others handle the end of their relationship in loud fights, high emotions, and bitterness.

Breakups are often ugly and painful. The endings of some relationships can take forever, dragging on and on, while others end quickly and cleanly.


There’s no timeline for breakups and they can drag on. You may think you’re over it and then you hear the song you had your first dance to, or you do something that reminds you of your ex and the pain starts all over again.

And getting into a new relationship doesn’t guarantee that you’re over the breakup, especially if you’re not ready for a new one and are trying to emotionally force yourself to get over it.

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We want to be able to express our feelings and for those feelings to be heard, and if that means screaming, crying, and throwing things, so be it. However, cold and quiet breakups can be just as painful for their inability to deal with the emotions involved. The best thing you can hope for is that you find a way to move on and feel good without causing any bodily harm or breaking any laws.


Breaking up isn’t just hard to do, it can emotionally wreck you and it can take all the resources you have to start to feel whole once again.

Since bad breakups are uniquely handled by the people involved, it stands to reason that certain zodiac signs have their own individual ways of dealing with the ending of a relationship. Some signs are well known for being the worst couples, so it’s not surprising that there are a number of zodiac combinations that make for the worst, most painful, bad breakups as well.



They're already a bad match so it's not surprising that they're almost guaranteed to have a bad breakup. It's not unlikely for Aries to be the instigator of a breakup because when they get bored and feel that a relationship is over, they're ready to move on.

However, it's quite the opposite with Taurus. It probably took a lot for them to get into the relationship in the first place, so they're not going to let it go without a big fight — and a fight is exactly what Aries is going to give them. Tauruses are stubborn and Aries are extremely strong-willed, so once they get into a confrontation, it's going to be practically impossible for them to find some common ground.

Aries are known for having a temper and their anger is often expressed bluntly — in other words, Aries don't hold back. They tend to enjoy the drama and the energy of a good fight, which definitely isn't Taurus' thing

It's not unlikely for Aries to want to get back together somewhere down the road, but if they wait too long, Taurus will finally be over it, and once that happens, there's no going back. Taurus will not appreciate Aries taking such big risks just to put some excitement back into the relationship. 



A breakup between a Leo and a Scorpio can quickly morph into a battle of egos. They're passionate and the dissolution of their relationship is sure to be intense and painful. They both like to be in control and they both can be extremely self-centered.

Scorpio may internalize their feelings and try to hold them back, but eventually, those emotions will explode out, devastating Leo in the process. If Scorpio is hurt, they'll strike out in various ways that will include nastiness, revenge, and payback. Leos, while powerful, do have a sensitive side and may convince themselves that the breakup has come to a natural conclusion.

But never underestimate a Scorpio's ability to hold on to what they consider a wrongdoing. In other words, if you hurt a Scorpio, they're going to hurt you no matter how long it takes. Leo, watch your back.



For these two, no breakup is complete without a war of words. When they come together, it's kind of a miracle as both of these signs have commitment issues. They actually have many things in common, as they both love to talk, love new things, love to socialize, and love to express their ideas. But when things go south, both of them tend to disappear.

If Gemini and Sagittarius are not together, things can't get heated, but the problem is they either tend not to deal with the huge breakup elephant in their union or they do it by text, instant message, email and the phone. Since they're communicating via some kind of electronic device and not in the flesh, they feel a certain freedom to say whatever the hell they want and it gets brutal.

You don't want to be on the receiving end of Gemini and Sagittarius' anger. Both are capable of cutting a bitch with their words. It's hurtful, it's painful, and it's sure as hell not pretty for either of them. 



Cancers are extremely sensitive and love with their entire being, so any kind of breakup is going to be brutal for them. They'll be blindsided if the breakup is initiated by the other party, feel guilty if they instigate the breakup, and if the breakup is entirely mutual, they'll still have strong feelings about it.

The chance that Cancer will hang on to the pain of the breakup and long for a reconciliation with their partner are huge; it's very difficult for Cancers to let go. They'll spend hours going over the relationship from start to finish, thinking about what went wrong, what they could have done, and what their partner should have done until they've worked themselves up into an overly emotional state.

Cancers are lovely and make fantastic partners so don't play with their hearts as any breakup will likely involve yelling, sobbing, and unresolved neediness.



A breakup between a Libra and a Capricorn can be like a push-pull exercise. Once a Capricorn has committed to a relationship it takes a lot for them to release it, whereas Libra is able to move on easily and this creates a troubling dynamic between the two signs.

Capricorn won't understand Libra's ability to cut their emotional losses and this will cause Capricorn to hang on a little tightly. The more constricted Libra gets, the more constricted they feel. They don't enjoy confrontation but if forced into a corner, they'll fight back hard.

Capricorns just want to work out any differences and do what they can to save the relationship. Once a Capricorn puts their mind to something, it's very difficult for them to let it go and this doesn't mesh well with Libra's needs for easy harmony. As Capricorn becomes more determined, they'll hang on with even more force, causing the Libra to do whatever they can to extract themselves from Capricorn's grip.



When these two opposites breakup, it can get very messy. Pisces are very sensitive and imaginative whereas Virgos are critical and more down to earth. Virgos won't want the breakup to affect anyone negatively, and that includes not just the Pisces but both of their family and friends.

Virgo will want it to be a calm, rational breakup but Pisces won't be able to control their feelings. They tend to lose it when someone they care about breaks up with them. They may go into a major depression, lash out at others, and, in worst case scenarios, become self-destructive.

Virgo won't want to cause any unnecessary hurt with a breakup and they'll do whatever they can to fix it, but if it's unfixable, Virgo isn't going to want to pretend that things are okay and carry on. Breakups hurt Pisces more than any other sign and like Cancers, it can take them a long time to get over them and a long time to function again.

Since Virgo is coming at the breakup from an entirely different place, Pisces may interpret their attitude as uncaring and unkind, making Virgo feel as if they kicked a puppy. The Pisces/Virgo breakup is painful for everyone concerned.