3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On September 22, 2021

Sooner or later, we have to face the truth.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On September 22, 2021 Wonderful Nature/Shutterstock.com

Capricorn, Scorpio, and Gemini, September 22, 2021, will have a rough day on Wednesday because the inner work they thought was completed remains unfinished.

Full Moons are powerful and beneficial times, but depending on what sign you are, it can also bring up a lot of stuff that we thought we dealt with, but not as deeply as we needed to.

Right now, on Wednesday, we are all coming off the Pisces Full Moon and heading into a busy astrological week, the energetic theme is a review of the past so that we can be free to move forward.


This is something that as we enter the last quarter of the year, we need so that as we begin a new year, we’re not doing it with the same old problems lingering over our heads.

But for most of us, we thought that we did deal with everything.

We thought that we did the scary thing, the impossible thing, the overwhelming thing and while maybe we did to a degree if we really had cleared that space, we wouldn’t be here in this moment right now.

While the Pisces Full Moon made many aware of their deep feelings, even inspiring positivity, for others it was a hard reminder of everything they’ve been through and everything they don’t feel like they have right now.


This could be closure, freedom, or even love but it’s the sense that things are not how you thought they would be after going through the healing that you had believed you had completed.

Even though there is a positive transit on September 22, 2021, with Jupiter and Mercury, there’s also an equally heavy transit involving Pluto.

Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld and he governs everything that lays unseen below the surface. These are the secrets others keep from us, the truth we deny ourselves, or even the sadness underneath the smile.

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Pluto planet brings out the truth regardless of if we want it to or not on Wednesday.


As we start to move through the morning it’s likely we’ll feel this begin as a heaviness before it moves into discouragement or a complete teary breakdown.

Before that happens though, it’s important to try to bring awareness to your feelings.

Start by writing down what it is that you’re feeling right now, the thoughts you’re having (even if it’s hard to admit you are). Then write down the triggers associated with these feelings, once you’ve done that look back and circle the ones that you have control over.

Then on those items, start listing ways that you can change the feeling or situation, but only for the ones you have control over.


If you don’t have control over something, say for instance being hired at that new job or the person you love is ready for a relationship, then hand it over to that person.

What is in someone else's control is never in yours.

Remembering that on Wednesday, will help you focus and work with the energy rather than feeling weighed down by it.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On September 22, 2021:

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Life has been heavy for you lately as you are trying to discern what is yours to shed and what is yours to carry forward into this new chapter of your life.

As much as you’ve been doing the work, there are pieces that have been still too tender to deal with.


Those parts either hurt too much or carry too great of darkness to work through. These are the bits of your life that will be calling to you today.

Whether it’s having moved on from a relationship too quickly, or thinking that you’ve kicked those unhealthy habits once and for all; things come back with a vengeance today.

It may be easy to feel like returning to bed after you’ve had a taste of the energy, but instead of retreating and hoping it will all go away or worse ignoring how you’re feeling and continuing on with your day or life out of obligation, try pausing instead.

Really reflect and look at what you’re feeling and what it feels like you need to deal with. Give yourself permission by going into the places that it hurts the most by reminding yourself that you can keep yourself safe during this process.


And then, recognize that in order for things to really change, you’re going to have to change your entire direction. Remember one step at a time, but whatever you do, don’t stay where you are.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

As a water sign that has a great depth of feeling, there is a fine line for you between feeling all your emotions and becoming sucked under by them. Sometimes you try to put on that brave and happy face almost to prove to yourself that you’re not going to cry and that you’re fine.

But why do you want people to think you’re happy when they are likely part of the reason you're sad? Owning our truth isn’t just about what kind of person we are or the kind of life we want to lead but truly about how we feel.


To hold back our truth, or try to make it lighter or even happier means that we are still judging ourselves for feelings.

Today the only way out is through. Embrace those tears, and instead of smiling through them or acting like you’re fine, just be.

Be sad today, be angry, reflective, quiet; whatever you’re truly feeling. You don’t owe anyone anything especially a smile if that’s not what you’re feeling.

While owning your emotions is a big part of this energetic challenge, the other is to make sure you’re keeping people in your life that are truly good for your mental health otherwise no matter how much you do the work, if they’re always sick then eventually you’ll get sick too.


Own your growth but don’t be afraid to do more, even if it’s the kind that really scares you.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

With both Nodes and Lilith in your sign, you’re getting quite the reality checks, and aren’t really a fan of what it is you’re seeing.


It seems that no matter how hard you’ve tried to pretend that certain things don’t bother you or that you are risen above and don’t need anyone, life has repeatedly reminded you otherwise.

It feels like everything and nothing has been happening at once but that’s because we can be busy every day, we can be rushing around but if it’s not part of our truth, if it doesn’t mean something to us then it really doesn’t matter at all.

There have been many opportunities to get to the heart of the matter. Not the heart that you project as being fine and strong, but the one that you truly have that is still hurting and unsure if you can ever trust again.

Together with Lilith, this is really about you getting vulnerable with yourself so that you can become aware of what you’re repressing out of fear.


You’ve tried to do life by pretending, now try to do it just be real. You might just find it was harder to be someone that you’re not than to just be the person you are, messy or not.

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