3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On August 23, 2021

So confusing.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On August 23, 2021 Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock.com

When something bad happens it can ruin a day. And, there's a big event taking place that could be tough for three zodiac signs.

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On August 23 to August 24 the planets Mars and Mercury will be conjunct in the sign of Virgo, which can create intense mental chatter that can lead to overthinking or simply getting distracted.


You may find that the plans you so expertly put together are now coming apart at the seams, leaving you feeling So as to what happened.

Three zodiac signs will have a rough day on August 23, 2021, and the trouble could last all week.

The reason for this is that Neptune will be conjunct the Moon in Pisces, and this is opposing the Mars-Mercury conjunction.

With Neptune being in opposition to Mars it can feel like opportunities just slip through your fingers, and that you simply can't get a grip on situations at this time.

One second you may feel very confident or sure that something will work out, and the next second you may be wondering why you ever thought that at all.


This aspect can create a lot of illusion, confusion and cloudiness when it comes to being able to fully comprehend something, or see something with full clarity.

So for those of you who are being affected in your love life by this energy, it can feel like the person you once thought was “the one” simply isn't, or that it may just be “too little too late” for certain connections in your life.

There may be a timing issue with romance in general, meaning that anything which doesn't have a solid foundation may simply dissolve itself, as it may not be the right time for that connection to take hold.

Zodiac signs who will have a rough day on August 23, 2021:

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

This week will be tough, but Monday things start to unfold revealing why.


With Mars and Mercury being in your seventh house of relationships, you may find yourself getting too caught up in the details or even being critical, or “nit-picky”, with your partner.

If you're dating someone new, you may find yourself losing interest due to small annoyances or things you simply don't like about the person.

With the Moon and Neptune being in your first house of self, this can create a hazy perception of reality which can make things appear different than they actually are.

Although with Mars and Mercury, this can make you act out of that cloudy perspective because you may have a hard time deciphering between what's real and what's not.


Speaking impulsively or judging someone, or something, too quickly can happen with this energy. So in order to maintain your relationships at this time, you may need to simply proceed with more caution and integrity so as to not say something you'll regret later.

You can always come into the truth of situations with time and patience, but you won't always be able to take back something you said out of anger, especially if it wasn't even the real truth.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You may discover things about your love life that you didn't realize before on Monday, and this sets the tone for the entire week.


With Mars and Mercury in your fifth house of joy and creativity, you may find yourself feeling called to date or generally pursue romance at this time in a very practical and sensible way.

If you have your eye set on someone in particular, this energy will allow you to find new interesting ways to connect or engage with that person.

You may find yourself going on more practical and simple kinds of dates at this time such as meeting for coffee, seeing a movie or simply having lunch somewhere.

This energy will make you want to pursue romance and fun at this time from a logical standpoint with a purpose or goal in mind.

Although with the Moon and Neptune in the sign of Pisces, which is in your eleventh house of networking, you may also feel a tugging at your heartstrings to do something romantic.


Because Neptune can create illusions, especially when it's so close to the Moon, this may cause you to become overly idealistic to the point where you end up never taking action until you get the “perfect” or ideal plan in place.

This can make you inadvertently miss your chance with certain love offers, as if you wait for things to be too perfect, it may simply be too late.

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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

A bad day is one thing, but when it hits your love life on Monday, it's a different ball game.

With Mars in Virgo and Mercury in your eleventh house of friendships and networking, this can create a buzz of social energy around you, making you want to get out there and make some new connections.


You may find yourself engaging more in a practical sense where you may want to discuss facts and things which don't require a lot of emotion.

This is great for making professional or business connections, but when it comes to creating more emotionally connected bonds, you may feel out of your comfort zone.

Although with the Moon and Neptune in your fifth house of pleasure and joy, you may feel called to explore your sensitive side through opening your heart a little more.


There may be opportunities for you to do this at this time, although if you start to overthink things, or look at things too logically, then you may simply prevent yourself from getting what you want.

If deepening your emotional bonds with people is something you desire at this time, then you may need to be willing to dream a little and change your perspective in order to include love and romance as a possibility.

Fear could be something which can get in your way at this time, but only if you allow it to.

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