3 Zodiac Signs Who Get A Second Chance At Love During The Quarter Moon In Scorpio Starting On August 15, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Get A Second Chance At Love During The Quarter Moon In Scorpio Starting On August 15, 2021

There are three zodiac signs who will get a second chance at love during the Quarter Moon in Scorpio on August 15, 2021.

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Quarter Moon phases mark crisis points in the circle of life, and what is life without love?

Some of you are probably thinking, "Second chance at love? Better be with a different person!"

Well, with this Quarter Moon in Scorpio on August 15, 2021, you just never know.

You may find yourself in talks with an ex, or you may come to realize you want nothing to do with that monster, and that you're still alive and kicking - and you want love!

The Scorpio part is what's going to add fuel to the possibility of finding love, again.

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And love is great, isn't it? As long as we know that love is a contract that comes with a very serious clause: No matter how you feel now, this may not last forever, so know that heartbreak is always part of the deal.

Did heartbreak ever stop a single human being from trying to find love? Nope, never.

We fall for the stuff over and over. And on August 15, thanks to the Scorpio Quarter Moon, we may just launch ourselves into that second chance we thought might have passed us by.

Who's going to get a second chance in love, starting August 15th?

Zodiac signs who get a second chance at love during the Quarter Moon in Scorpio starting on August 15, 2021:

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Well, you've always been both a lover and a dreamer, Leo, and you've never believed for one second that love wasn't around the corner for you - whenever you hoped for it.

You're just a believer in love, and because of that, you unconsciously use the Law of Attraction to bring potential partners your way.

Your vibe is loving and warm, and you cannot help but attract people. Your heart is good, but it's vulnerable, and you've felt pain before; so much so that it could have turned you to stone...yet, you never let that happen.

You're as open today as you were the day you got hurt, because you'd prefer it that way. What is life worth, to you, if you can't put yourself out there, risking it all. You will never be without love, Leo, and if you just happen to be single right now, that's about to change...today.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You're a cool customer, Scorpio, and you don't really like to let on to just how much you want to be loved, in earnest, by someone special who won't blow it.

You might even be at the point where you could admit that you play a role in the disasters of your love life.

Being that you are now able to take responsibility for your part, you clear the air and ready it for the vibration of love. The less mental mess you bring to the table, the easier it is for the love to get through.

You deserve as much love as the next person, and it is during this Quarter Moon experience that you will recognize yourself as an imperfect creature who flows through life much better when they are loved.

Admitting this will act like a magnet, and you will attract only the best from here on in. You will see very shortly that the dream is still on, Scorpio. Your second chance at love is knocking on the door, today.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

You laugh at the idea of a second chance at love; you don't even want that - it's such an absurd idea to you. Why would you bother with yet another romance when all of the past romances turned into such trash?

Remember how much effort you put in those past relationships, how hard you tried? Well, Sagittarius, that was your heart at work, doing the right thing by your soul. Love is good for you, and wow, do you ever find inspiration in new love.

Maybe it's time to put aside the Jaded Monk routine and open your heart to something that wants back in: a romantic relationship.

Love makes life worth living, and even though you've got the solo thing down pat, you know it's always more fun when you make it a duo. Go for it, Sag!

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