3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Find The Courage To Start Over Again In Love During The New Moon In Leo, August 8th, 2021


3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Find The Courage To Start Over Again In Love Starting August 8th, 2021 Who Is Danny/Shutterstock.com

Three zodiac signs will find the courage to start all over again in love during the New Moon in Leo starting on August 8, 2021.

The New Moon in Leo is going to bring quite an intense and challenging energy to several signs, as there are several difficult aspects which can create inner tension and frustration.

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This energy will bring clarity in certain aspects of your life, but confusion in other areas.

The New Moon in Leo brings courage to Leo, Pisces, and Virgo zodiac signs and the strength needed to begin a new chapter of love manifests.

Mercury in Leo will be forming a Yod aspect with Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, which can bring struggles around expressing yourself and the way you go about it. 

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Pluto may call for you to take control of the idealistic visions and dreams that Neptune brings you, in a practical and grounded way.

But when it comes to expressing those, or manifesting those into your reality, you may find yourself getting stuck or not wanting to try something different than you normally would.

There is a push here to get out of your comfort zone and try something different when it comes to love, or envisioning the perfect love for you. 

There will also be a T-Square between the Moon, Uranus and Saturn, which can bring intense emotions to the surface, but these emotions may also feel some restrictions from Saturn.

So when it comes to love this New Moon, you may find that there is a lot that you want to say and do, but in order to do those things, you will be required to take a chance and try a new approach, and one which is not in your comfort zone.


This will allow you to grow as an individual, as well as a partner in romantic relationships, but it will not be easy.

Zodiac signs who will find the courage to start over again in love during the New Moon in Leo starting August 8, 2021:

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The New Moon in Leo will be opposing Saturn in Aquarius and this can create restrictions around your feelings and expressing those feelings in your relationships.

Since Saturn will be in your seventh house of relationships, this means that the opportunity is there to work things out with your partner, or to become more realistic about how you really feel when it comes to your love life.

Digging deep within yourself in order to discover what you truly need when it comes to a romantic partner, will help you to actually find that when you get yourself back out there.


With these two planets also squaring Uranus in Taurus, this means that the potential is here for you to experience emotional outbursts, or just a releasing of suppressed emotions.

The positive thing with this opposition to Saturn is that it will tame the unpredictable energy of the square to Uranus.

This means that you can express your deeper emotions to your loved ones, without coming on too strong, or saying something you'll regret later on.

Once the Moon moves through Leo, things will calm down within your emotions and you'll have a clearer vision of your next step forward when it comes to your love life.

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Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You may find yourself experiencing some confusion when it comes to what you want or envision for yourself when it comes to your romantic relationships during this New Moon in Leo on August 8.

Neptune in Pisces will be in a challenging aspect known as a quincunx with Mercury in Leo, and this can create frustration when it comes to being able to manifest the more idealistic visions you have around love.

Neptune will also be opposing Venus in Virgo in your seventh house of relationships, and this can create confusion around who is a friend or foe, or who is a good match for you in love and who simply isn't.

It may appear as though a new love interest may be the one, but when you dig a little deeper, you may see that you're simply under an illusion.


This energy will pass once Mercury goes into Virgo on August 11, so it may be best to simply have fun with any new romantic interests for right now, and wait for Mercury to enter into its home sign of Virgo, before making any final decisions around love. 

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Virgo (August 23 – September 22) 

During this New Moon, Venus will be transiting your first house of the self, and this planet will be making a trine with Pluto in your fifth house of pleasure and creativity.

This aspect allows you to pick yourself back up and get back out there when it comes to your love life. Pluto gives its strength to Venus, who is quite practical in Virgo, and this gives your sign a boost of motivation when it comes to pursuing love.


You may find yourself craving more love and affection at this time, and because Venus will be in your first house, this will help you to attract new love interests to yourself rather easily.

Keep in mind that while this energy does produce a nice flow of romance, and romantic suitors, that there is still potential for challenges to arise.

Venus is also opposing Neptune in Pisces in your seventh house of relationships, so this can create illusions around the new people coming into your life.

It may be best to simply enjoy the energy coming into your life at this time when it comes to love, but to wait before fully committing until Venus goes into Libra on August 16.


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