3 Zodiac Signs Who Learn A Hard Life Lesson During The Moon Conjunct Mercury Starting August 7th, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Learn A Hard Life Lesson Starting August 7th, 2021

Three zodiac signs who will learn a hard life lesson starting August 7th, 2021 will find that their experiences are so important that they need to pay close attention.

The Moon conjunct Mercury on August 7th, 2021 is part of the reason why these three zodiac signs are tapped on the shoulder by the universe.

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Starting August 7, 2021, we may find ourselves experiencing hyper sensitivity and a nagging feeling of being overexposed and vulnerable.

We may be filled with regrets, and we won't understand why we suddenly feel so...violated. How can our minds play such a trick on us?

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Well, that's the way the celestial bodies have their fun; they play with our minds and influence our personal choices. After all, the planets are named after gods, and gods DO like to play.

With the Moon Conjunct Mercury, we are looking at the kind of sensitivity that opens doors to both imagination - and psychic ability.

We will be picking up on things during this transit that we may not ever have picked up on before. Life lessons are bound to occur, because during this event - nothing happens in a small way.

The presence of the planet Mercury here lets us know that our lessons will come in the form of communication - will we say the right thing, or will we propel ourselves into a fresh new Hell where our words come to bite us?

Conjunct the Moon and we're talking about taking it all so seriously that we may just miss the point. The key here is to stay open to the messages, as they are just now starting to influence us down here on Earth.

Zodiac signs who learn a hard life lesson during the Moon conjunct Mercury starting August 7th, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

There's a learning curve coming your way, Gemini, and it may feel like a slap in the face at first, but will slowly but surely be recognized by you as a new path and a worthy direction.

You tend to blurt. You speak before you think, and when you hurt someone with your words, you figure it's their problem and that they should just grow up and get over it.

What you haven't realized is that your words are not always welcome, nor are they helpful; you've built this image of yourself as this Svengali who is free to insult anyone and everyone, simply because you can.

Here's the life lesson, and it's brought to you by your friends Moon Conjunct Mercury on August 7th: Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

You can be equally as free and independent without making others feel bad for what you've deemed as irrelevant. Your lesson during this time comes in two words: Shut Up.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Your life lesson starting on August 7th when Mercury conjunct the Moon is going to be one of profound realization, and it will have to do with friends.

You have a need to gather people together to celebrate or work on a common goal; you love groups dedicated to healthy body work, or gatherings that consist of spiritually-minded people who share and listen.

These are your ideals; the only problem with an ideal that is built upon human social interaction is that you're dealing with... people, and people are both individual in personality, AND they are all working from their own egocentric take on life. What you will be able to see clearly is that nobody is listening to you.

These groups are just surface thrills; these people aren't as into it as you are.

What you've forgotten is the individual relationship - as in you and ONE friend.

If you are to continue to work on gathering people for a good cause, make sure you find someone special in your group to form a one on one friendship with.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

With the Sun in your sign, you are going through a lot these days; you've got good luck and harsh lessons all coming at you at once, and it's making you crazy...and moody.

One of the things about you, Leo, is that your sense of theatricality makes you come across as 'too much' and so when you get into one of your moods, people tend to flee in terror.

While you'd like to think that the 'terror' you induce is due to your mighty authority on all things, it's actually more than likely because you're a boring and predictable bully who throws their weight around, expecting everyone to bow and grovel.

Your life lesson starting on August 7th, 2021 is making an intervention, thanks to Moon Conjunct Mercury, and it's going to look like you are eating a nice big portion of humble pie.

People are not your loyal subjects and they are not going to stick around while your mood fumes and bubbles over. You need to check your ego at the door, Leo. Believe it or not, sometimes throwing your ego around doesn't work for you.

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