3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Self-Sabotage During Black Moon Lilith Conjunct The North Node Starting July 28, 2021

Be careful out there.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Self-Sabotage During Black Moon Lilith Conjunct The North Node Starting July 28, 2021 Serrgy95/Shutterstock.com

There are three zodiac signs who will self-sabotage during Black Moon Lilith conjunct the North Node will wonder what happened to them.

But when Lilith conjuncts the North Node starting July 28 to August 2nd, 2021 it will be clear to all that something went wrong, and a lot of ego was involved.

I'll be honest. Anytime the name of Lilith is invoked, I perk up.

Just the thought of this ancient name, this somewhat forbidden presence, this representative of all that is feminine and rebellious really piques my curiosity.


In astrology, Lilith refers to our dark power, our secret stirrings - and our alluring power over others. 

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Lilith is a focal point of elliptical orbit of the Moon around the Earth. 

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And what of the North Node? Ah, now this is similar to one's 'true north', a road map of sorts that points one in the direction of their true path - their destiny.

The North Node is not a celestial body - it is a point of measurement.

Now, when we have such an aspect as Lilith conjunct North Node, we don't necessarily end up with a sexy destiny, even though one might think that's how it goes.

On the contrary, this conjunct is a tricky one because it works off of pure conflict. In other words - the harder we try, with this one, the less it all works the way we want it.

What we have here is self-sabotage at play!

It may be well past Independence Day, folks, but these three signs are in for some fireworks!


Zodiac signs who self-sabotage during Black Moon Lilith conjunct the North Node starting July 28th, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

If you're wondering, Aries, how you fit into this picture, it's because you are highly passionate - sometimes over the top - and impulsive.

You are someone who might, at times, have a little 'too' much confidence in themselves, and what can happen because of this is that you run into traffic, so to speak, thinking you are an immortal god and that you can't be touched by these mere mortals.

This is called 'hubris' and your hubris - this stunted but optimistic belief that nothing bad can happen to you - is what's going to get you in hot water over the next few days.

You build yourself up so high that you forget that actions have consequences; you really do think you're invulnerable...until it's too late.


But do you ever really get it? Chances are you do not. You are bound for self-sabotage, and you will continue to get yourself in situations that backfire on you, time and again - until you learn to think before you execute.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

There's a very good reason you're mentioned here, and it is because this is Leo season, and for Leo's their season usually brings up a lot of faux power and arrogance. Because you believe yourself to be so much more than you might actually be - you tend to force yourself into people's lives, where, believe it or not, you may not be all that wanted.

But in your mind, everyone wants you. Yes, you may be wonderful, but that doesn't make you everyone's cup of tea. Lilith conjunct North Node is where you push too hard and end up losing friends because of it. Yelling at people, cursing at them and excusing yourself by saying, "I was only joking" is not going to work for you this time.


Your boisterous, obnoxious side is not going to be read as "Oh, that fun-loving Leo, we just love when they act like bullies..." No, instead, someone in your life is going to call you out. It's time for you, Leo, to try a different approach. Nobody craves your interference; they just want your friendship.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

How did you get in here with all these arrogant Fire signs? Well, it's because during Lilith conjunct North Node, you, too, will be driven to self-sabotage - a condition you are already familiar with.


Your version of this play is going to look like you entering a scene with fantastic, noble intentions, only to find out that your advice, opinion and knowledge is not only unsolicited - it feel like oppression and guilt to those around you. You may think you're 'doing the right thing' by your people, but did your people ask for this?

"Gee, I really hope that Pisces over there tries to turn me into them," is not something anyone is saying, yet - you seem to feel that your way is the only way, and in trying to 'save' someone, you may unintentionally be wanting to make them into mini versions of your own self.

This will cause you to be rejected - which, as you know, is the worst emotional state a Pisces can experience. Do yourself a favor during this transit: Butt out.

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