Your Weekly Love Horoscope For June 21-27, 2021

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Your Weekly Love Horoscope For June 21-27, 2021

Your weekly love horoscope is here for June 21 to June 27th, and we are still coming off the intense Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini from last week.

We may find ourselves searching for answers in our relationships, and this is the theme to focus on during the close of Gemini season.

Cancer season will start on June 20th. Whether this means new or existing relationships, or even those from our past, however as the energy turns this week, clarity and truth return.  

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There are many positive aspects for relationships this week which will provide plenty of loving moments and opportunities for quality time together.

Yet that is only one side of the full picture as we also will still be experiencing some stressful moments and uncertainty.  

Regardless of what the catalyst for stressful or uncertain moments are though, the answer will be the truth.

So often in relationships, we become unsure what to say to our partner in challenging situations or how to say something when we’re triggered.

But the gift of this is that it is always simple because as long as we speak the truth, there is nothing more that we need to say.  

Two aspects this week, both the Full Moon in Capricorn and Neptune Retrograde support themes of honesty, truth, and transparency in our relationships.

Just remember though that often to receive what it is we want; we first have to make sure that is what we’re giving.  

Look to where in your life you can bring a greater level of truth to, especially if it concerns your partner or relationship, and then be prepared to step up to that higher self that can speak it.

While we often fear the power or repercussions of the truth, it also is the only thing that is stable enough to build a relationship on.  

While it may look good from the outside a relationship built on lies will eventually collapse no matter how strong the feelings.

Yet, a relationship built on truth, no matter how it looks to the outside, will always continue to flourish and grow because honesty creates the space for that.  

Truth isn’t just loving, but it’s the food for growth in relationships. 

Sure, it can be scary, even challenging at times to believe that not only can we speak our full complete truth to our partner and have them not abandon us.

It’s also magick when we can show up as our one true self and feel chosen for being that person.  

But in order to have that happen, we first must choose to show up as that. 

This week, nothing but the full truth will do.  

Astrology and love horoscope for the week:

June 21st 

Saturn (Retrograde) in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus:

While the pinnacle of this second square of three squares this year was celebrated on June 14th it remains exact until the 25th of this month.

Expect ripples of sudden and unexpected changes that are centered in growth for your relationships this week.  

Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

A one-day transit that’s all about feeling love and emotional fulfillment.

Take advantage of the warm connected energy by setting aside quality time with your partner today.  

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June 22nd 

Mercury turns Direct in Gemini

Mercury direct brings to an end one of the more stressful aspects of this month.

If there have been communication disconnects in your relationship then expect things to move more smoothly, especially if there was anything that you have been holding back from discussing.

An excellent time to look at all the options together with your partner and have an open conversation about which direction to move into.  

Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter in Pisces

The Sun's ingress into the zodiac sign of Cancer is a two-day transit that brings harmony and a sense of well-being into your relationships.

The focus is on home and how best to build and create that feeling through greater commitments and next steps.

A positive transit to become engaged under, possible pregnancies are possible as well.  

June 23rd 

Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto (Retrograde) in Capricorn

Venus opposition Pluto is also two-day transit that adds potential stress to relationships as tempers and jealousies may flare.

We may let our insecurities get the best of us around this time and may find ourselves getting carried away with thoughts that aren’t real.

Try best to ground yourself in what is real and wait to say anything, especially if it feels like you’re figuring out your truth.  

June 24th 

Full Moon in Capricorn

The solar and lunar eclipse energies will finally subside as we close out this lunar cycle which means we should be feeling more grounded and seeing things more clearly.

The Full Moon communicates with Jupiter, and this is an extremely successful and abundant time.

The Full Moon in Capricorn highlights honesty so if it seems you’ve been unsure of things since the new moon/solar eclipse then this will help bring things to light.  

June 25th 

Neptune turns Retrograde in Pisces

Neptune rx is a time for seeing the truth in our relationships and love lives.

The planet Neptune governs dreams and fantasies, yet its downfall is to see things through rose-colored glasses instead of what is true.

Expect a continuing theme of what is real versus what is not to continue for the next few months.  

Venus enters Leo

Love and relationships get a bit bigger under the Venus in Leo transit as Leo is the most expressive sign in the zodiac.

This means big declarations of love, even proposals, and not restricting ourselves from going after what we most desire.

Drama may be higher as well, but if we can recognize when we might be overdoing it in a negative way then we should be able to curb any potential difficulties.  

Weekly love horoscope for June 21-27, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Don’t try to avoid any arguments this week by withholding your truth because eventually, it will just come out anyway.

Have tact when bringing up something to your partner and trust the love that you have built. In new relationships, watch for things moving too quickly or thinking that they may be better than they really are.

Continually try this week to remind yourself to show up for the hard moments in love.  

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Make time this week to relax and enjoy your relationship.

Growth doesn’t just happen in the moments that we’re actively doing something but also within the ones where we can just rest and be.

Enjoy what you’ve built up until this point and don’t be afraid to share what you’d like to create next.

Dreaming with our partner can be an act of love, especially if we share in them together.  

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Things likely have not gone completely according to plan lately, but you will see in the coming week that it doesn’t mean it wasn’t for the greater good.

Lessons in love only stop appearing when we’ve learned what it is we were meant to.

Sometimes no matter how we wish a relationship or person was right for us we must respect when the Universe keeps giving us a no.  

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Family and love are at the forefront this week and it feels like everything is finally falling together for you.

Not only enjoy this time but make sure to keep being honest about your needs in a relationship.

Just because things are good doesn’t mean it’s not a time to continue to show up as your authentic self and be transparent.

Giving is what love is all about, just don’t forget to ask for what it is you want to be given to you as well.  

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You may get carried away with love this week which can be quite a trip.

Just make sure to try to look at things as they really are and not as you wish they were.

Stay honest about what you’re looking for and can commit to instead of overpromising because it feels romantic.

There is never a need to rush anything in love, especially if it’s something that is meant to last forever, so slow down a bit and just enjoy the ride.  

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Once you accept that there will never be a perfect moment to have that big conversation it makes it a lot easier to bring it up.

The only thing that we can control in a relationship is how we show up, not how our partner takes it.

So don’t be afraid to talk about some serious issues this week, even if it’s about wanting a future with a current partner.

The right person will always create the right time for any conversation.  

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

There might be a lot of options and ideas swirling around right now about partners and what you want your future to look like.

Just because this may be the case doesn’t mean that you need to make any sudden moves or decisions.

Entertain all options until it feels like you are certain of what and who it is you really want.

When that moment arrives, the only thing you must do is be honest about what that is, the rest the Universe will handle.  

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Change has been rippling (or ripping) through your life recently depending on how much needed to be removed for your greater good.

While you may be ready to clear the decks and start fresh, make sure to allow yourself time to process everything you’ve been going through.

We can’t move forward into our future until there has been peace brought to the past.  

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Knowing what we want is the beginning of receiving it.

That means though that we have to give ourselves time to be able to know what that is.

We need time to discern if we’re operating from our healed brain versus our trauma brain when choosing it.

Take time this week to reflect on who you are and what you need love to show up as.

Then, when you receive it, don’t be afraid to have those hard conversations with your partner about what you discover.  

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

This is a building week for you in your relationships.

While you sometimes give up before you should and stay longer than you sometimes need to, there is a sweet spot within those two extremes that you’ll find yourself this week.

Use the past as the lessons that you will need to create your future and don’t lock yourself in a particular storyline just because you’ve been there so long. Change is always possible.  

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Make sure to enjoy when things are going right just as much as you often fall into despair when they aren’t.

Relationships are fluid as are the phases that we go through within it. This doesn’t always mean that love is lost or that hard times will never arrive again.

Enjoy the moments that love just flows this week so that when harder times come you will remember why this relationship is one, you’re consciously choosing.  

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Healing in love happens in waves. These moments don’t come to take us under, but to help us rise.

See the benefit of what you’ve been moving through recently and instead of it being darkness, realize that by sharing and opening up to your partner you can bring it to light.

There are easier times ahead but not without a few intense conversations.

As challenging as this may be, recognize that the only way to build the relationship you need is by showing up as the person that you need to be.  

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