Monthly Love Horoscope For June 1st To 30th, 2021

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Monthly Love Horoscope For June 1st To 30th, 2021

One thing remains true during your monthly love horoscope June 2021: No matter the astrology season it seems like love is always the focus.

Not in a cliché or even overly romantic way but because as humans we long for connection.

We long to feel that in this crazy mixed-up world we found another human that we can sit beside and rest. Another person that no matter what is happening around us always seems to bring us back to ourselves.

The month of June will start off interesting with the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini.

Beginnings are on the horizon even if they look nothing like you thought they would.

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Don’t be put off by the work that still needs to be done, it’s all part of the process of becoming, and while there will always be pieces to adjust here or there allow yourself to celebrate your growth.

There is a divine threshold that we will cross this June which will allow us to see just how far we’ve come.

Even with Mercury retrograde for part of the month, there is still a sense of moving ahead, clearing out, and making sure that this time we’re really doing things differently.

This will especially be true in those intense romantic connections.

Saturn retrograde affects this month's love horoscope and astrology as well. There is still a sense of divine timing being at play in those intense romantic connections.

Trust the process this month as well as the release of karmic ties with those who were sent to teach you something.

The greatest gift that we can receive or even give another is being encouraged to be a better version of ourselves.

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Not only is this done in time, but it’s also tied to the lessons both with those who aren’t meant to stay and with those who are.

While this piece of love is often one that can be challenging, Neptune will help show us the truth in any romantic relationship that we may feel unsure about-or even that we’re lying to ourselves regarding.

The only piece of truth that we have to keep in mind is that while we all crave a love that feels like home, it also only truly feels like that with someone who is meant to be in our lives.

Important dates for June 2021:

Love horoscope the first week of June 1st-7th

Venus enters Cancer:

Our love lives are about to get a lot more domestic once the planet of love moves into this home-orientated water sign.

Relationships tend to get more serious around this time as we think about long-term commitment but that also means we’re going to be more aware of if we don’t think a connection we're in is going to stand the test of time.

Casual dating is replaced with meaningful connections and we’re all going to be gravitating more towards serious exchanges with our partner.

Love horoscope the second week of June 8th-15th

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Gemini:

This is the letting go of some serious karmic cycles and patterns with eyes towards that new beginning.

We may have had a waiting period of time that we had to move through uncomfortable or difficult scenarios but now we should be approaching the other side and looking towards what we want to start rather than an end.

There may be some unexpected events or big moments of action but anything that happens is centered in new growth.

Mars enters Leo:

The planet that governs the masculine, passion, and ambition moves into the sign that rules the heart.

This means that there will be a push to follow our hearts more deeply and to make decisions in life that are rooted in what we are truly passionate about.

Our sense of ambition and drive will also be rooted here in this space, so we’re not going to be taking action for financial or even ego reasons-but for the heart.

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus:

The second of three squares this year will have us rising to the challenge as we face what needs to change most in our lives.

Perhaps this is carried over from the eclipse a few days ago but it may be more about setting up what life will now look like with the biggest endings behind you.

With Saturn retrograde, we may be having to readjust and make new plans, just remember the final story for this theme won’t be finished until closer to the end of the year.

Love horoscope the third week of June 16th-22nd

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces:

This is the chance to take stock of the areas of growth in our lives that we need to spend time nurturing before 2022 when Jupiter in Pisces will dominate the energy.

Reflect on what are the blocks that you’re having in the pursuit of living your dreams, specifically those involving your love life. Are the blocks external or internal?

This retrograde is really all about showing you what needs to be addressed between now and December so that come January you won’t just be free to move forward-but you’ll be free from the past as well.

Sun enters Cancer:

This is the start of Cancer Season and the time of year that we’re all in our feels wanting to spend time with those we most love and in a setting that feels like home.

We are more long-term focused in our relationships and are looking for a partner that we can share a life with-not just a night. During this season we often undertake more home improvement projects and spend time making our space a little more beautiful and loving.

Mercury turns Direct:

With retrograde over, we will be feeling clearer and more confident when it comes to the thoughts that we have and the words that we want to say.

Any indecision or conversations that we’ve put off because we were feeling scattered or unsure will feel more stable and clearer at this point.

While Mercury Rx is a great time to redo decisions and choices from the past it’s not always the best to take new steps or action, so now we finally have the green light to move forward in any direction that we want.

Love horoscope the last week of June 23rd-30th

Full Moon in Capricorn:

A Full Super Moon in this earth sign marks the official end of Eclipse Season.

Take the time to find your footing, breathe into the feeling of being grounded, and make sure that you’ve properly established any new beginnings that took seed at the New Moon Eclipse a couple of weeks ago.

Full Moons are about fruition so reflect back to Capricorn's New Moon on January 13th to see if you’ve completed the necessary cycle that began then.

How have you been feeling about your sense of stability or growth since January?

Have you made the changes you had hoped for? If not, what can you do differently with this moon to ensure that you are moving ahead and not stuck in one place?

Neptune turns Retrograde:

When Neptune turns retrograde each year it’s our chance to see things as they are and not as we wish they were.

This can especially be true in relationships when sometimes it’s challenging to see the truth of what the connection truly is when we actually wish it was something different.

Use this retrograde to make sure that you are seeing the truth in all areas of your life and if you don’t like what that looks like, then be prepared to make changes.

Venus enters Leo:

Joining the planet Mars, her cosmic lover, this sign means that we are all going to be feeling that pull to follow our hearts. In whatever capacity that may mean.

While more intense in our romantic lives, this will also be a push to make sure that our hearts are invested in every area of our lives from socially to professionally.

We also will be speaking our minds more often and may also run the risk of taking on the role of a drama queen. Just remember that it’s never just what we say, but how we say something that matters most.

June 2021 Monthly Love Horoscope:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

This is the month for you to double back and address an important factor that was left out within a relationship.

Whether this is a piece of truth that was omitted or something that you didn’t feel comfortable sharing, the moment is arriving when you’re going to need to speak our truth.

This doesn’t have to be an argument, but it is about restructuring your relationship moving forward so that it works better for both of you.

As challenging as it may be, make sure to try to speak your feelings-not just your thoughts.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

The first half of the month could leave you feeling pretty anxious in your relationships. Even though no one enjoys feeling like this, it does offer more healing if you want to go into it.

Remember that it’s never anyone else's job to make us feel secure and when we are feeling triggered, even if it’s part of the astrology vibe, it’s still offering us a chance to go deeper within ourselves.

Try to see where your fears might be at play here, even in an existing relationship, and then by the time the full moon rolls around at the end of the month you’ll be feeling not just back to yourself but better for having grown through what you had experienced.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

For most of the month, it’s your season which means that it’s also your own personal new year. It’s your time to focus on yourself, to think about what you want to grow or build within the next year, and also to look at where you can do better.

There is a gift in being able to fit in anywhere but when we do that, we don’t always see clearly what truly fits in with us.

More than any other area this shows up in our relationships. As you move through this month try less to fit yourself into someone else's life and instead step back and see how they fit into yours.

This will give you a better idea of not only if the relationship is something that truly aligns with you, but it will also let you see who is willing to step up for you instead of always the other way around.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Coming in after Gemini you get the start of your season later in the month but until then you will have Venus dancing through your sign for the majority of the month.

Any relationship issues or tensions that you’ve been having recently should ease up under this transit.

If it still seems there's discord, first, take some time to evaluate the relationship to see if this is one that has perhaps run its course.

If you’re staying in the connection, what is your reason why?

If it feels like perhaps, we’re just staying because we’re comfortable or afraid of being alone then it might be time to start thinking about an exit strategy.

You get to choose the kind of love you accept and if things aren’t improving in your relationship soon, it might be time to decide to no longer accept it.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Even though you may go overboard for love at times, you also have the great ability to follow your heart in a way that few other zodiac signs know how to do.

The only issue is that usually once you’ve followed it, you either jump in too fast or not at all. With Mars moving through your sign this month it’s time to learn about pacing.

Whether we’re talking about a new relationship or even an existing one, it’s time to pace yourself so that you can go the distance for love.

The other piece to keep in mind is that sometimes as much as you are skilled at following your heart, you also do a great job at self-sabotage so that you have a reason not to if it feels too great a risk.

While following your heart is always a good idea, make sure this month it’s leading you in the right direction.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

New beginnings are here for you. Starting with the Solar Eclipse at the beginning of the month there will be a push to leave behind anything that doesn’t make you feel good.

While this will be in all areas of your life, it will also greatly affect your seventh house of relationships.

This is asking for a complete overhaul of who you allow in your personal space and who you do not.

Don’t be afraid to say what it is you really need from someone in order to make that happen.

It can be scary to speak our needs or to lay down our boundaries because of the fear of the other person saying “No, that’s not for me” but we will never know until we do.

This is the space of choosing truth over illusion which is the only way to find real love.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

This is the month for you to find greater balance within the multiple areas of your life. But things often need to get out of balance in order for them to be brought to a greater sense of it.

The Solar Eclipse will likely bring about events that will make you more aware of the areas of your life that you need to focus on.

These aspects will be far-reaching and will involve creating a space where you are encouraged to make space for the kind of love that you want to grow during the upcoming lunar cycle.

This means that you may have to allow certain other areas of your life to fall away or get smaller so that you can open up further for what it is you want.

While this can likely cause some uncertainty because usually, we aren’t sure what will fill the spaces we create, this is time for you to trust the process.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

To tell the truth, is to speak the highest form of love. This will be the governing theme that you feel as the month comes on and will make all decisions and choices come down to the most simplistic light. Either your life is based on truth or it’s not.

Either you’re living your truth or you're not. Either you’re asking people for the truth or you’re accepting their lies. Everything comes down to the truth, but first, it begins within us.

Around the middle of the month, you will make great strides in what it means to speak the truth to yourself and to build a life that revolves around whatever that is.

Give yourself free rein to remove whatever doesn’t resonate as a full yes and don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for whatever you need to do to create the space for love, even if it means saying goodbye to someone you never thought you would.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your life is set to change in unimaginable ways as we begin this month within the two-week window between eclipses-one of them being your eclipse.

During the next few weeks, many things will come into a clearer view as well as perspective as you are ready to make some big plans and movements.

While many will occur within your relationships by the time we welcome in the solar eclipse as it hits your ninth house which represents a second life partner the entire month will be about moving away from who you aren’t so that you can embody more of who you truly are.

While there might be a tendency to rush things or want to expedite them, you will be directed towards divine timing on everything.

Just remember that your sign may appear as you are being so uncomfortable, you’re asked to take initiative and step up to whatever is changing in your life.

Stay open and remember all of this is what you’ve been wanting to manifest.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You’ve been in the process of making some big changes in your life since the start of the year so the energy this month won’t feel like anything new.

While you won’t get out of experiencing what astrology this month is bringing into our lives, it will feel more like an affirmation than a shake-up.

If you’ve been doing the work and allowing yourself to move on from relationships and people that weren’t working in your life, then the next few weeks should feel like a giant confirmation for you.

But if there are still some spaces where you’ve been hanging on or trying to make something work that is already over then you may be asked to do some work.

Don’t get discouraged if this happens but instead be grateful, you’re seeing where you still need to grow.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Get ready for some big surprises that will affect your romantic life. Whether this means meeting that person you’ve been wishing for, a proposal, moving in together or even a pregnancy change is on the way.

This is the natural progression of life. Everything that you’ve previously done has led to this moment that will be lasting all June.

When so much of what you’ve wished for or prayed for starts to happen, just remember to make sure you take responsibility for things going right as much as you often have for when they go wrong.

And just because things have gone wrong in the past doesn’t mean that they will now.

You still will have to be an advocate for yourself, you still will have to speak up about your needs as well as say yes and receive when it’s time to do that too but that isn’t the same.

Allow yourself to see the difference between things going wrong and finally having a say in why they are going right.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

There’s a shift coming up in Pisces in how you live your life which will change the direction of your path.

Like a fish, you are unfortunately used to being hurt in relationships. You’re used to feeling like you’ll be left or that the other person isn’t invested in you.

Sometimes this is because of experiences and traumas you’ve actually experienced, but at others, it’s because of how you absorb the feelings of those around you.

Being aware of this though changes your romantic relationships going forward and it’s more about just worth. For the first time in your life, you actually don’t feel like you’re going to be hurt or even left.

This itself will likely feel foreign when you’ve spent your life waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But this time around it’s a true shift in mindset that’s going to suddenly seem like the key in the final lock on the life and love you’ve always not just dreamed of but needed.

It’s okay to mourn who you were, but just don’t spend too much energy looking behind you when you’ve got so much more to celebrate ahead of you.

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