The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have The Best Week This Week, May 3 To 9, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have The Best Week May 3 - 9, 2021 When Mercury Enters Gemini

A few zodiac signs will catch a lucky break this week, and it may be the best week they have had in a long time. 

So, what's new in that great big cosmic soup we call the known universe?

Well, this week we have Mercury, the planet of communication, speed, and efficiency, entering the astrological sign of Gemini, on May 3rd where it rules.

Mercury in Gemini brings a great week for Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

Now, Mercury is going to be exceptionally noticeable over the next few weeks, as it's actually going to go retrograde (oh no!) on May 29 and will last until June 22.

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But we're not there yet, so let's stick with the present and the oh, so very positive effect it will be having on all of us this week - but most especially these three signs in particular.

The first week that Mercury enters Gemini, a positive effect is going to be seen in our communications with each other.

Clarity of speech and the ability to formulate our thoughts into succinct sentences will be upon us, and we're all going to be the happy recipients of the Gift of Gab, meaning - what comes out of our mouths has a very good chance of not only being understood but will bring about completion and certainty.

So, the downside of Merc the Jerk, as we call him (with much love) is yet to come and nothing to concern ourselves with this week.

All the more reason to say what's on our minds NOW, rather than wait until it's too late.

Gather your thoughts, allow yourself to feel confident and clear - and do as Madonna would do, and express yourself!

Here are the 3 zodiac signs who will have a great week from May 3rd to May 9th, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

This week is about to open the floodgates for you, in terms of communication...but this is because you've done the work needed in order to prepare for this very auspicious time in your life.

Astrologically, there's a lot of stuff going on for you - you've got the Sun forming a trine with Pluto in your eighth house, and that means that all of your hard work is not only about to pay off - it's going to imbue you with superhuman charisma.

Prepare to charm the heck out of just about everyone you speak to this week, Gemini.

This week is going to allow you to release some of the burdens you've been carrying along, which, in turn, will give you an intense and worthwhile feeling of confidence - this is the confidence that comes from being introspective and discovering your own greatness.

Communication ability crosses the board here, and it would be well-advised for you to take that skill into the workforce and use it to promote yourself.

People are open to you right now - take advantage. If there's a job you want - this is the week to go for it.

And don't stop there - you've got Mercury AND Venus surrounding you, which means your love life stands a chance of completely reinventing itself if you put your heart and mind to making it exceptional.

What you do this week is both important, and slated for success. Good on you, Gemini!

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

You know what's coming to you this week, Virgo? Inspiration, that's what, and oh how you could use some - am I right?

It's like the switch flipped on and suddenly everything's coming up Virgo, and good for you, because you really did deserve a break.

This week is about making amends with the past, thanks to Mercury and Venus in your tenth house.

This means that if there's a challenge that comes your way, not only will you be able to tackle it - you'll want to AND you'll succeed.

This is a great week in particular due to the fact that your work life will suddenly make more sense to you - implying that you may have had second thoughts about what you're doing for a living, and those thoughts may have undermined your happiness.

Well, this week brings you analysis and philosophical thought; your conclusion will be one made in confidence, and your outcome will be as a result of your attitude - and your efforts.

As the sun trines with Pluto in your fifth house, you'll suddenly be feeling artsy and maybe even...craftsy!

You've never been limited as far as communication goes, and your friend Mercury is going to amp up your desire to express yourself through the arts.

Sing your heart out, and know that everyone around is marveling at your magnificent and inspirational sharings.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

What's going to be noticeable this week, for you, Sagittarius, is a feeling of 'being back.'

It's as if you mentally took off for a while, and then - you started to get used to being away.

That's where life started to feel a bit dull, and you may have asked yourself how long this feeling of ennui will last?

Well, it's 'bingo' time - you're on. Life is back and you are now ready to mingle with the world, thanks to the brilliant and inspiring energy brought around by mercury.

Your seventh house will be feeling it all too well, too, as your ability to work well with your partner will climb to new heights.

In other words, your Mercury in Gemini communication set is about to get you what you want, with very little effort.

It's like good fortune and happy times with people you love are being poured all over you, and guess what? You love it. And here's also where you shine: in the honesty department.

Because of the cosmic assistance, you'll be bettering around the 8th of May, you'll be among people who will want to hear you out. You have a story to tell and a rapt audience of trusting people who value your words and opinions.

Look forward to an exciting month starting this week, and even though we've all got the Mercury retrograde coming up, it's starting to look like you'll breeze through that just as easily as you will during this first week.

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