3 Zodiac Signs Will Have A Rough Time During Pluto Retrograde

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3 Zodiac Signs Will Have A Rough Time During Pluto Retrograde, April 27-October 7, 2021

Pluto retrograde is here, and its effects will last for six months. From April 27, 2021 to October 7, 2021, three zodiac signs will have a rough time, more so than others.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn can be nasty.

When we talk retrograde, we usually think of Mercury, and when we think about Mercury retrograde, it rarely feels promising or positive. It's that crazy retrograde action when a planet's orbit pulls energy away from the earth and leaves us feeling weird.

Pluto retrograde is different. Pluto is malefic, and this dwarf planet is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio, and unlike the illusionary effect we get with Mercury rx, Pluto's wobble is real. 

Pluto is about death, transformation, sex, the afterlife, jealousy, and intense emotional energy. Pluto is more than a reminder to double-check your technology or make sure your computer is backed up. Pluto doesn't care about your travel plans.

Pluto wakes you up, and like the other bad planets in astrology that deal with outer relationships - Saturn or Uranus - Pluto's effects are feared.

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And while Mercury is always the unrelenting star of the retrograde show, each planet gets its turn, and oh boy, it may be time to wrap our minds around the idea of other planets and other retrogrades, such as...

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Oh lawd, he's a comin'. What starts today, April 27, 2021, is about to last for six whole months, so we better grab a hint at how this retrograde is going to affect us.

Let's just say we'll all get a shot at feeling 'the pull' of Pluto, though some signs will be more twisted and tugged by it than others.

Gemini, Cancer, and Scorpio sorry to say will have the roughest time during Pluto retrograde.

What's Pluto known for, and how is it going to play out down here on little ol' Earth? Let's just say Pluto is all about the dark; as in, dark thoughts, dubious meanings, and subversive ideas. And here are three signs that are going to be particularly affected by this dark, foreboding transit...

Here's how Pluto retrograde affects these 3 zodiac signs the most from April 27, 2021-October 7, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20):

Just as you thought you could get away with murder, bang-zoom - it ain't happening. That's right - the Pluto retrograde is going to play out for you in a very strong way, and that way is going to come in right at the top of the retrograde.

This means that during the end of April, and all through the next six months, you're going to feel like every secret you've ever kept will be exposed, leaving you vulnerable and ultimately fearful of more unwanted occurrences.

While you can easily make money, you can just as easily lose it, which will add to your feelings of being bombarded with bad news. As a Gemini, you want things to work out - it means everything to you to have a plan go as it should, and that dang Pluto up there in the sky just can't let you have it your way!

Pluto is big on transformation...but it's also big on taking that transformation away, so you can safely anticipate great big dreams and the unfailing dashing of them, over the next few months. Wow, thanks a lot, Pluto.

What you're going to see and experience most, however, during this retrograde season is the insidious fact that you can't get away with the same tricks as you once did.

You are just so busted, Gemini. We wish you well, but get used to it - you're going to be exposed for who you are and what you believe in, so hopefully, you'll show us all the best you have. Right?

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

When you're as sensitive and compassionate as you are, Cancer, you can basically come to know yourself as a target for bullies who are on the prowl for the sensitive and compassionate.

And guess who's coming to dinner for the next six months? It's your old frenemy, Pluto, and he's bringing along his burden, or as we astrologers like to call it, 'retrograde." Pluto is here and that means you are about to be tested.

Just in case you thought your relationship was solid as a rock, you can think again, as the most solid of rocks - Pluto - is here to shake things up. You'll notice that your partner will be challenging you a little too frequently, and perhaps you'll start to feel agitated and annoyed by this constant testing of your patience.

And just when you think you've finally made some progress, that Plutonian energy is going to come back in with a wallop, bringing you back down to the place of insecurity and confusion.

There's really something going on here with Pluto and secrets; this means if you're hiding something from your mate - it's not going to stay hidden, and it may very well be you who accidentally reveals what was never meant to be known by another person.

Get used to it, let this kind of rough and tumble action build a callous on your consciousness. You'll make it through, but brace yourself for a rather exposed few months.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Because no one on planet Earth has ever accused of you being wishy-washy, that typical feeling of intensity will be upgraded to the max with the now present Pluto retrograde.

Yes, you are mysterious, sexy, and clever - but you're also about to be deceptive, troublesome, and provocative. The next six months will have you behaving badly; expect to break hearts.

The God of the Underworld is the modern ruler of Scorpio, so you'd think that all of this retrograde stuff would be par for the course of your everyday experience...that may be true, but try to reimagine what it's like to be you but with extra deception, extra manipulation, extra trickery...oh my, it's a push and pull game, and you're both star and victim here.

This is the season where all actions count; If you've done someone wrong, it will come back on you. If you haven't been paying attention to something that desperately needs your attention - get on it Scorpio, because this retrograde waits for no one, not even your Royal self. Payback is what it's all about, and for you, you'll be doling it out, as well as experiencing it firsthand, yourself.

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