Who Is Amber Khan, YouTube Astrologer & The Quietest Revolution

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Who Is Amber Khan, YouTube Astrologer & The Quietest Revolution

Amber Khan is the expert astrologer behind The Quietest Revolution who imparts her wisdom on various social media platforms. She's on YouTube, Instagram, podcast, and Twitter.

Who is Amber Khan, the YouTube astrology of the Quietest Revolution?

With 234K subscribers on YouTube, 14.4K followers on Twitter, and 33.7k followers on Instagram, Amber is helping thousands of people navigate the chaos of life by providing cosmic explanations and advice through her various media.

Drawing inspiration from her yoga practices and study of the psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, Amber wants to help people “face the inevitable highs and lows of life, not by preventing them but rather anticipating and adjusting to them” as she explains on her blog.

The 43-year-old Gemini astrologer goes beyond the mere fun of studying the zodiac and gives sincere, honest advice tailored to people based on cosmic patterns. 

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Read on to learn more about this mysterious mystic and the work she contributes to the world.

Amber’s history

Amber Khan lives between continents but spends several months in Denmark. Influenced by her Indian heritage, Amber curates modern Bollywood music for her videos and website.

As a yoga instructor, Amber brings the yoga concept of vidya—the Sanskrit word for knowledge or clarity—into her astrological readings.

In tandem with vidya, Amber is deeply interested in and applies the teachings of Carl Jung, particularly his philosophies on the subconscious mind.

As she states in her YouTube bio “most of the work [Amber] does focuses on regaining personal power and creating resilience after grief or trauma.”

Amber’s spiritual upbringing and yoga practices certainly help her with her former goal and her interest in psychology aids in the latter. 

Amber’s formal education is also apparent in her current work. She studied undergrad at Baruch College for English Language and Literature which explains her studious behavior and keen interpretation skills.

For her Master’s degree in philosophy, Amber attended The New School in New York.

Philosophy has clearly played a huge role in Amber’s teachings and methods. 

Her mindset is that “your fate is always within your own hands,”. 

As she says in an interview with Studio Anada, “these [astrological] tools are just a guide to help you understand yourself better so you can actually create the future you want, not be tied into something that’s inevitable.”

Amber’s teachings

Tarot readings and astrological study have helped Amber heal herself in many ways and helps her to navigate her life. Her goal as an astrologer is to do the same for others — aid in healing and help to guide.

Amber says in an interview with Studio Anada about skeptics of astrology, “if the information helps you, heals you, gives you insight into self, makes you a better you… then does it matter how legitimate you find it?”

Amber is not out to convince anyone about how real astrology is, her mission is simply to help those who want help. As she says to Studio Anada “I can’t bear suffering and cruelty. 

Wherever I see it, I have to do or say something.” Amber’s helpful nature makes perfect sense with her self-proclaimed label as an empath on her website.

And the help that she provides is centered around self-empowerment.

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While respecting the power of the cosmos, Amber emphasizes that the strongest power lies within you.

Amber’s tarot readings are intended to explain what events and energies are being thrown at you and what potential outcomes could result from these times, but you are in the driver’s seat.

You decide how you react to these readings and how you conduct yourself when these events and energies arise. 

The tone of Amber’s videos on YouTube are caring, but stern. She is very matter-of-fact about the truth, hoping to get people to see that some things are inevitable, but that does not mean that we are powerless to the will of the universe.

Amber is very encouraging in her videos, she reminds her viewers that despite what cannot be changed, there is a world of possibilities through which they can change course.

She reinforces the strengths that come with each zodiac sign as well as the strength of being human and having free will.

While Amber wants her teachings and videos to be as widely available as possible to reach anyone who may want her guidance, she does not force her ideologies upon anyone.

Viewers can take or leave what she says, but because of her accuracy and attunement with the cosmos, you’ll likely take what she has to say to the heart rather than ignore her if you do become one of her many viewers. 

Amber’s channels

Amber is most widely followed on her YouTube channel, The Quietest Revolution, where her readings and advice are most extensive and available.

However, she has many other modes of media that can assist her followers with her wise words.

Twitter, for example, is where Amber (@AmberKhan) provides short quips of advice.

Her Instagram (@amberkhan) is packed with memes, short readings, and promotions for her videos and events.

And Amber has a website where you can be linked to her videos, podcasts, merch, guided meditations, and you can contact her for a personal reading. Amber wants to be accessible for any who wish to tap into her cosmic wisdom. 

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