Who Is Lada Duncheva, YouTube Astrologer Of Astrolada?

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Who Is Lada Duncheva, YouTube Astrologer Of Astrolada?

Who is Lada Duncheva, Youtube astrologer of Astrolada?

Lada Duncheva is an ab astrologer who wishes to share her insights on the stars with the world in order to provide clarity and guidance to her audience.

An Aries Sun sign, Lada explains in an interview with KRSChannel as well in her website’s bio that it has been at her lowest, darkest points in life when her faith has seemed lost, that Lada receives signs from the universe to propel her forward.

Her mission for her astrological teachings is to give others the help that she, too, has received from studying and understanding the patterns of the cosmos.

Lada’s YouTube channel, Astrolada, is filled with webinars, horoscopes, and guest speakers.

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Her videos are long, but that is because they are chock full of information to paint a complete picture about what is going on surrounding a particular time or astrological event for all zodiac signs and each sign individually.

Lada dives deep into not only astrological meaning, but also the historical patterns of the cosmos.

She explains when the planets and stars were placed in the same position in years past so that the patterns can be seen.

How things once were, will cycle through again.

Here's more about Youtube astrologer, Lada Duncheva of Astrolada:

Lada Duncheva's beginnings:

Astrolada Lada Duncheva was born and raised in Bulgaria.

She explains under the “About” tab on astrolada.com that her upbringing was full of spirituality.

Lada was raised religious, Christian, and she describes Bulgaria as a mystical place full of “fairy tales, mythical stories, psychic phenomenons, old grannies who did white magic, white-bearded prophets who painted wondrous pictures of the future, gypsies who read your fortune,” which nurtured her soul and ultimately led her to this astrological mission.

It wasn’t until 23-year-old Lada moved to London and felt lost about the direction her life would take when she happened upon a book by Master Beinsa Douno that she found her purpose.

When she opened the book, the first line that she read was "If anyone is going through a dark night of the soul, they should study astrology and their horoscope to gain clarity and see when it will end."

Thus, Lada’s study of the stars began.

She attended the London School of Astrology and was inspired by her many mentors and their teachings.

At another low, faith dimmed part of her life years later, Lada turned to Vedic astrology and found even more mentors and insights into all that the sky can explain.

Lada tells KRSChannel that she found roadblocks in her study of western astrology because she didn’t feel that it provided a complete picture, but that Vedic astrology helped her to fill in the gaps.

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Lada became a Youtube astrologer and started Astrolada.

After 7 years of study, Lada became a professional astrologer creating her own brand, Astrolada.

Her YouTube channel now has 256K subscribers who view her lectures on astrological events, advice, horoscopes, and predictions.

Lada’s Astrolada website provides courses, readings, videos, articles, astrological reports, and a free birth chart calculator.

Astrolada also gives 10% of its profits from YouTube and the website to LightSource Charity which fosters advancement and drive for education to kids under 18 through their learning environment and creativity.

Astrolada is a brand built on love: Lada’s passion and care for her work and her husband is the CEO.

The culmination of Lada’s past studies and her continued studies come together to create fully fleshed out and accurate readings for her to share with her audience.

If you are feeling lost, or if you are simply intrigued, turn to astrology and Lada Duncheva for answers, guidance, and comfort.

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