15 Best Free Online Yoga Classes To Try At Home

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By Brianne Hogan

We know that we should get our namaste on and at least try out a yoga class (after all, the practice is known to increase strength and flexibility and alleviate depression and anxiety).

But as yoga’s popularity has risen, so has its price. And if you don’t like to get all bendy and sweaty in a group class with a bunch of other people? Well, it’s not surprising that a private lesson with yoga teachers will cost you major cash.

Thankfully, there are a number of free online yoga classes for all levels that are not only free (!) but also allow you to do different styles of yoga and get that daily burn within the privacy of your own home.

You can find free yoga videos on YouTube, with options ranging from core-centric to short and effective to those that offer relief for specific target areas. There is something for every newbie or experienced yogi to enjoy.

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Go get your "Om" on without having to go to any yoga studios!

Here are the 15 best free online yoga classes for you to try at home:

1. 30-Minute Hatha Yoga for Beginners by ChriskaYoga

Best for: Beginners.

New to yoga? Then you’ll appreciate this gentle approach to Hatha yoga that will help ease you into your new practice with some guided meditations.

2. Yoga for Strength — 40-Minute Vinyasa Sequence by Yoga With Adriene

Best for: Strengthening and toning.

Looking to build muscle and burn some calories? Then you’ll want to check out tthis heart-pumping routine that will help trim, tone, and strengthen your whole body.

3. Hard Poses Made Easy — Intermediate Yoga With Tara Stiles

Best for: Intermediate level practitioners.

If you’re looking to advance your yogi skills, you’ll want to check out this video by yoga veteran Stiles who helps break down intermediate postures to help you gain the confidence to tackle them in your next class.

4. Beach Yoga With Karena by Tone It Up

Best for: A quick yoga session.

Dreaming of doing yoga on the beach? This 20-minute video is perfect for those who want to get away from it all with a fluid yoga workout set to the soothing sounds of the ocean.

5. 10-Minute Power Yoga Workout — Quick Abs and Core by SarahBethYoga

Best for: Fitting in a solid ab workout.

Don’t have a lot of time but want to work on your abs? This short corepower yoga workout will help you strengthen and tone your core.

6. Hip Mobility by Yoga Detour

Best for: Pain management and relief.

With most of us sitting behind desks or in traffic all day, we are causing our hip-flexor muscles to shorten, leading to issues with our joints, including flexibility issues. Restore your hips and pelvic muscles with this quick but effective video.

7. Foot and Toe Stretches for Happy, Healthy Feet by Brea Johnson

Best for: Overall foot health.

Our feet are often neglected and overlooked despite how much we depend on them to carry us through the day. Show them some love with this video by Brea Johnson, who approaches yoga with an exceptional attentiveness to your muscles and joints.

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8. Yoga for Glutes by GymRa

Best for: Working those glutes.

For those who want to build a bigger booty — or at least a stronger peach — you’ll want to try out this routine that will help sculpt and lift your butt.

9. Yoga Basics Workout by BeFit

Best for: Beginners or those who want a basic refresher.

New to yoga or just need a refresher with some of the most basic moves? Then you’ll want to give this easy, breezy YouTube channel yoga practice a try.

10. 30-Minute Power Yoga Flow for Tight Abs and a Toned Butt by PopSugar

Best for: Working your core and glutes efficiently.

There’s nothing like a good power yoga flow to help you feel energized while also strengthening and toning your core and butt for an amazing two-for-one workout.

11. Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Yoga Class by Five Parks Yoga

Best for: Anxiety and stress relief.

Suffer from anxiety? Help alleviate the stress with this routine that’s designed to open and stretch the areas in which we carry most of our stress, like our chest, hips, and shoulders.

12. 40-Minute Morning Yoga Class for Increased Energy and Focus by YogiApproved

Best for: Energy and focus.

Kick-off your morning with this energetic flow that will help get you moving and more focused so you can start your day off right.

13. Yoga Poses for Better Sex by Healthy Approach

Best for: Increasing stamina and libido.

Want to improve your sex life? Who doesn’t? This routine will help you increase your stamina and drive while also toning and trimming your body.

14. Yoga for Legs and Thighs Workout by Yoga With Kassandra

Best for: Focusing on your lower body.

Focus on toning up your legs with this vigorous 20-minute routine that will help strengthen your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings.

15. Yoga Sculpt: Yoga for Arms and Upper Body by Brett Larkin Yoga

Best for: Working your arms.

There’s a reason “yoga arms” are so sought after — they’re sculpted AF. This workout will help you get those toned biceps and triceps you crave.

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Brianne Hogan is a writer for StyleCaster.

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