Boo! The "I'm A Ghost" TikTok Dance Challenge Is Giving Us Spooky Life Right Now

Boo! I'm A Ghost.

The "I'm A Ghost" TikTok Dance Challenge Is Giving Us Life Right Now Tik Tok

During the pandemic, the one thing that has brought us all quality entertainment as a distraction from our collective boredom is TikTok, especially TikTok dance challenges. The new dance challenge with hashtag #Imaghost is trending on TikTok with 5.4 billion views.

Dance challenges on TikTok are one of the reasons why some people know about TikTok or were interested in the social media app in the first place — and many teens have earned a large number of followers (and income!) due to dedicating their TikToks to dancing like Addison Rae and Charli D'Amelio


The I’m a Ghost TikTok dance challenge started in mid-November when artist Varoon Ramesh created a mashup of ChampionsXiii's freestyle called “BOO!” and posted it on TikTok, where then the TikTok “Out Of Body Creative Effect'' was paired with the song to create a new dance challenge. 

Recently at the beginning of December, Ramesh created a new remix with the song and dubbed it with Ocho Drippin’s “F*** It Up,” Michael Jackson’s 'Billie Jean' remix by Lagloinski and ChampionsXiii's freestyle “BOO!”

And tbh, we're here for it. 

What is the "I'm A Ghost" TikTok dance challenge?


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The hashtag has plenty of different TikTokers taking on the hashtag, doing the dance challenge, using it as a parody video about turning themselves into ghosts — but also frustrated at how to use the TikTok effect in the first place. 

Ghosts seem to be a popular trend or topic of conversation this year. Rarlier in the summer, people used TikTok’s “Reality Ripple Effect” to detect paranormal ghosts in their house.


TikTokers used their phone to see if the filter could potentially detect any spooky energy that might be lurking around them.

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The "I'm A Ghost" challenge is basically just a dance parody.

Lots of TikTokers were able to come up with unique dances like Corey and his sister from his account @threedotcorey who were able to switch each other's outfits with the filter and do backflips. 

Another dancer, Anna, from @annaxsitar, was able to use both the ghost filter with another dancer on top, making it look like both herself and her ghost were dancing. She captioned the video, “I can’t get rid of her,” making it into a series of videos that she created with at least three different “I’m a Ghost” TikToks.


Honestly, though, the most entertaining TikToks featured on this new hashtag are the ones turning the challenge into a parody. Tiktoker Fatima, @iconicgreen1, created a viral TikTok with 3.4 million views and almost 328,000 likes. Her TikTok makes it look like she got stuck as a ghost and can’t get back into her body, with her sister running in to try and help. 

Others made up a whole story using the filter like Abe Yoon, @boopyape, who made up a whole scenario about him dying and a friend finding out and then going to a funeral.


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How do you do the "I'm a ghost" TikTok dance? 

Others criticized the hashtag because they didn’t understand how to use it, which is what Linda Dong’s TikTok is dedicated to.

She does a wonderful job of constantly making funny videos for her six million followers. She recorded herself trying out the ghost filter effect because apparently, it’s pretty hard to actually use — at least according to social media star James Charles in his “I’m a Ghost” TikTok caption. 


How does the TikTok ghost filter work?

Want to try it out the dance challenge yourself? Watch some tutorial videos on the dance and remember this is how the ghost filter works. 

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