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What Does Heather Mean On TikTok?

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What does heather mean on tiktok

Anyone with a TikTok account has probably seen the viral “Heather” trend going around. If you’re like me, you have definitely been walking around wondering: what does Heather means on TikTok!? 

Luckily, I did some research so you don’t have to.

What Heather Means on TikTok

The idolized character, Heather, is from Conan Gray’s hit song, Heather. This song is beautiful and will undoubtedly make you ugly cry every time you listen to it. Seriously, you’ve been warned.

In the song, Gray sings about having a heartfelt crush on someone that does not love him back because they are in love with a popular girl named — you guessed it — Heather. The chorus of the song includes tear-jerking lines like "Why would you ever kiss me? I'm not even half as pretty" and "wish I were Heather." 

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The song came out at the beginning of 2020 and peaked at number 39 on the legendary Billboard Music Charts. It is increasingly gaining fame thanks to its heartwrenching lyrics and it's viral TikTok takeover.

Once the song became popular, TikTok stars worked their magic and turned it into a viral trend almost overnight. 

But who is this Heather that has Gray heartbroken and the TikTok community buzzing?

A Heather isn't necessarily an actual person named Heather, but more of a representation of someone we've all most likely encountered.

We’ve all had a Heather in our lives before: the girl that you hate for no reason at all other than that she’s gorgeous and the person you like is obsessed with her. Basically, Heather is a beautiful, popular girl that everyone adores except for you. Most of us encountered our first Heather in high school or college and haven't forgotten how annoyingly likable she was since. 

TikTok users have used the trend to show off how pretty their moms were as a teenager or how they themselves used to be pretty (psst, they still are). In their videos, they use various subtitles to say things like “my mom was a Heather” or “I was my own Heather last year.” They are also using this trend to make videos saying that they wish they were a Heather.

Famous TikTok stars that have taken part in the Heather trend include Amanda Baasch and Conan Gray himself. The videos are often melancholy in nature and include Gray's song Heather as the only background sound.

After the trend went viral, Gray made a TikTok of his own joking that he regrets writing the song because now everyone wants to know who the infamous Heather is. 

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TikTok users have also started a Heather dance challenge that has since gone viral.

However, the dance challenge is completely unrelated to the viral videos inspired by Gray's song. The Heather dance challenge is much more upbeat and features music from the 1988 movie, The Heathers. The movie involves three extremely popular highschool girls, all named Heather, and their scary experience with an unknown killer. Some users have also named the viral trend the 'Shut Up Heather' challenge.

In the viral dance challenge, three friends sassily lip sync words from the movie The Heathers while swaying their hips. Each friend lip-syncs their own line in the beginning and then they all join together for the chorus and the actual dance at the end.

If you're not super coordinated but still want to jump on the Tiktok dance bandwagon, this one might be for you. The Heather dance challenge or 'Shut Up Heather' dance challenge is considered fairly easy to learn as it does not require nearly the amount of choreography that most viral Tiktok dances do. 

Here's the TikTok Heather challenge script if you want to give it a try!

Friend #1: Martha Dumptruck in the flesh

Friend #2: Here comes the cootie squad

Friend #1: We shou-

Friend #3: Shut up Heather!

Friend #1: Sorry Heather!

Friend #2: Look who's with her. Oh my gosh!

All: (Chorus) Dang Dang Diggity Dang a Dang Dang Dang 

*Cue TikTok Fame*

If you're truly feeling down about your "Heather," you should know that you’re a Heather too.

While the dance challenge is a harmless way to have fun with your friends, the other viral videos of Gray's song are a little sad and upsetting. It’s one thing to show off how fab your mom looked in her teens but to say you wish you were a Heather, or you used to be a Heather is a sign that you need to learn to love yourself more.

Even if you’re not incredibly popular or your crush likes someone else, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t a beautiful person inside and out. It's easy to get caught up in looks and comparisons but they're not everything, even if it may feel like it sometimes.

If you have a crush that doesn't like you back because they're into someone else, try to take some reassurance in the fact that you will have plenty more crushes down the road. You might even look back at the person you were once head over heels for and laugh. I know I certainly do.

If you're longing to be a Heather for high school or college popularity reasons remember that eventually, your school years will come to an end. Once you graduate no one is judged by their popularity, so try to create as many fun memories as you can instead of worrying about winning a popularity contest.

If self-esteem is something that you notice yourself struggling with more often than not, try taking a break from TikTok and social media altogether. If that seems impossible, at least try to only partake in trends that are fun and make you feel good about yourself, like the Heather dance challenge!

Crushes and popularity set aside, we are all our own Heathers. We are all beautiful and popular in our own ways, we just need to choose to see it. 

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